[Review] Test Me – Xdinary Heroes

It is time for another review for a release from the near past. The focus of this review is on Xdinary Heroes’ long awaited comeback with Test Me, their first release since their debut with Happy Death Day back in December. Test Me was released less than a month ago as the title track from the group’s first mini-album, Hello World. A music video for the side track and secondary promotional single Strawberry Cake was released in the middle of this week and will be the subject of its own review post in the near future. But until then, here is my review for Test Me.

Test Me is a song that I find myself easily jamming to. Most days, I find Test Me having just the right level of energy to get my head nodding to the music. On the more optimal days, you can find me potentially going into a head banging motion instead whilst listening to the song. There was a subtle electrifying feel to the instrumental that really gets me going. Though I am of the opinion that the group could easily had gone harder, bolder and more pronounced on this front within Test Me. The brief repetition of the song’s title that is shouted out, which serves as the main hook to the song, was catchy and memorable enough for me. The rapping in the second verse was super engaging and packed a punch. Similarly, the vocals do the exact same thing, but there is less of a punch in this department. However, Test Me is slightly weak in sections. I didn’t enjoy the second half of the chorus as much I liked the first half. I felt the momentum unraveled or disengaged in the latter half of the chorus, which stuck out for me. I wished the momentum was maintained. The bridge was also another weak moment, with the layering being unsatisfying and unfulfilling. Had Test Me gone harder (and the same energy was transferred to this part, as well), I think the idea of layering in the bridge would have been more satisfying. But aside from the song’s weaker moment, Test Me still manages to be a likeable song for me.

The music video has this futuristic concept that I thought was very cool. The coloured neon lights and robotics in this music video was really great and fun, even if it was all virtual and computerised. In terms of a plotline, a competition to determine the best rock artist is happening, but the winner was pre-selected from the very beginning. Xdinary Heroes themselves also participated, but were disqualified even before their song began. So they make it their mission to rig the system and get into the final, where they defeat the preselected winner and took the trophy home themselves. All is great, but the question at the start of the video, however, is probably the more intriguing element of this video – “Are Xdinary Heroes the villain or hero” in this case, since they rigged the already rigged system. What is a playful and fun video ended up turning into a moral dilemma. I like it!

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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