[Album Review] GOT7 (12th Mini Album) – GOT7

I continue to skip back and forth in time with my album reviews. This time, I land at the end of May to review GOT7’s self-titled 12th mini-album, GOT7. For those who somehow missed out on this momentous comeback, it serves as the group’s first album release since leaving JYP Entertainment and their first music release in over one year and four months. Lead by the title track NANANA, the mini-album also reunites the GOT7 members in another five tracks.

I quite liked how the mini-album is self-titled, a statement that the group owns GOT7 (which is actually the case). News stories have emerged that each of the members own the GOT7 brand and name, which usually isn’t the case given that the group was created under a label (and usually ownership goes towards the label). With that in mind, GOT7 really goes down their own path with this mini-album, dabbling heavy in their R&B sound and breathy vocals that is pretty much their wheelhouse. Overall, I consider this to be a decent album release. I would like to see where GOT7 will take themselves in the future, given that they now have full control. But I don’t expect them to be making a comeback anytime soon given that they are all doing their own things, as well. But for now, I am happy with the likes of GOT7.

GOT7 Album Cover

1. TRUTHTRUTH begins the album as a R&B number. GOT7 has put out many R&B tracks over the years, so this is familiar territory for the group. However, there many elements within TRUTH that helps make the song individualistic. The metallic and percussive synths add a layer of intriguingness and uniqueness to the track. The slower pace and beat also adds a slow and sensual vibe to TRUTH. The breathy vocals, alluring raps and pop melodies tie up the song nearly into a very attractive opening track. (8/10)

2. Drive Me To The MoonDrive Me To The Moon brings upbeatness to the album. Alongside the chill nature of the instrumental as well, Drive Me To The Moon becomes a great song to listen as you go for a drive, like on a road trip or another scenic route. The vocal work and rapping were ideal and I liked how it was kept all light to complement the instrumentation. The melodies and hooks were all very pleasant and enjoyable, as well. It isn’t my go-to song on the album, but it was still a decent one. (7/10)

3. NANANA (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for NANANA. (8/10)

4. TWO TWO is a R&B track that exudes very mature and sensual vibes. Actually, I think the correct description to TWO is that it oozes sensual vibes. I really like the slow and paced beat of the song, which embodies the genre perfectly. Again, the breathy vocals throughout TWO were on point, show so much charisma and features melodies that would go in tandem with body rolls. All of this contributed to the conclusion that I would love to see the members perform this track live as this would be one wild performance to drive fans (including myself) insane. (8.5/10)

5. Don’t Care About Me – We end the album with two ‘Don’t’ tracks. First up is Don’t Care About Me – my pick for favourite side track on this mini-album. Don’t Care About Me has some powerful moments and sequences, all relative to the other tracks on the mini-album. The trap and synth-pop instrumental comes together to create a sleek atmosphere and there were some dynamic flair to the instrumental break during the bridge. Catchy hooks help make the song continually ring in my mind even after it is completed. The refined and held back explosions of energy featured in the back of the choruses and the electric guitar in the pre-choruses were some of my favourite moments in the song. The vocals were really well done, with Youngjae’s stealing the show in my opinion. (10/10)

6. Don’t Leave Me Alone – The next ‘Don’t’ song, Don’t Leave Me Alone, also serves as the album’s final track. It is a R&B ballad for their fans (IGOT7s), as GOT7 is asking them to not leave alone, which I find to be very fitting given the group’s circumstances. Even without the context behind Don’t Leave Me Alone, I think the heartwarming effect was very noticeable. The synth-heavy instrumental feels soothing as it could be. The vocals and rapping were nicely executed and complements the soothing nature of the song. A fulfilling ending to the mini-album. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

GOT7 Teaser Image

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