[Review] Copycat – APINK CHOBOM

More reviews for some ‘older’ releases that I should have reviewed sooner is coming your way over the next few weeks. I restart things off with a review for Copycat, the debut single for APINK latest unit – APINK CHOBOM. For those who could tell by the unit’s name, APINK CHOBOM is made up of APINK members Chorong and Bomi. They made their debut with Copycat almost two months ago.

It took a while for Copycat to actually grow on me. I didn’t care much for it when it was first released (but I think I was a bit overwhelmed with a few things at the time). But over the weeks since, Copycat really drew me in with its really pleasing approach. Copycat is a consistent and pleasant dance pop number. It felt very KPOP without the flair of being overtly cute or having any super energetic music. Instead, Copycat‘s mature retro-like instrumentation has a very mellow and consistent appeal, yet also groovy sound. All of this, in turn, helps Copycat feel and sound minimalistic, which I personally thought was quite unique and commendable. Chorong and Bomi airy vocals fit in extremely well. Their vocals actually have a neat boldness to them (as they are bolstered in many ways), but they are layered over the top of the instrumentation and don’t ever breach the top layer of the music. It made for an interesting and appealing effect, working well with the aforementioned minimalistic vibe. The hooks were extremely simple and have a straightforward melodical approach, which too also complements said minimalistic vibe. Overall, Copycat felt super simple and appealing. It isn’t necessarily a mind-blowing track, but it definitely has its own unique charms.

While the song doesn’t go down the cutesy route of KPOP, the music video definitely approaches the comeback in that manner. The video is quite colourful and potentially could have been quite vibrant, as well. But just like the song, the dulling effect on the colours helped give off a refined and mature feel. Anyhow, it is clear that this video has a plotline behind it. Though, I am not entirely sure what it is trying to say as you kind of need to read into it. The pair from APINK are initially trapped in a TV (and based on the ending, a video game, to be more specific) and are brought into this storage-like room (in what looks like a hospital) by a lady where they are kept as mannequins. After the lady that drops them off leaves with the TV, the pair run off to discover their surroundings. Based on the video game concept introduced at the end, the members are being controlled by the game player and run away from the facility. As they run away and/or escape the hospital, more colour come into their lives (as opposed to the white dresses and coloured stockings we first saw them in). This either symbolises that they discovering more of themselves (as opposed from being copycats of one another) or they are progressing in the game. In the end, the girls are caught and the words ‘GAME OVER’ appear on the screen. We then see the CHOBOM pair (back in their original copycat forms) warn the guy playing the game of the person approaching him from behind. He had a ‘not again’ response to what appears like the same lady from the start approach him instead. Maybe it is one of those cursed games where if he loses (which he does), he becomes the next victim for the next person to play, and he is stuck in a horrible time loop? Who knows.

There is a lot of copying, mirroring and feline references and moves throughout the choreography, which I felt was very appropriate for the song. I liked how the routine plays to both sides of the song’s title. Usually, we just get one. But it is creative that the choreographer went with both. Aside from that, I enjoyed the hint of dynamism to the choreography and I feel the choreography adds a dash of extra energy to the song.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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