[Review] Same Scent – ONEUS

The other comeback to start of this week is ONEUS’ newest single Same Scent and the group’s eighth mini-album, Malus. This release follows the group’s last comeback from earlier in the year, Bring It On, which was released back in May. I very recently reviewed that release’s mini-album (TRICKSTER) which proved to be a big hit in my books. It won’t be a while before I find time to review Malus. So for now, here is my review for Same Scent.

ONEUS goes for more of a restrained dance track in Same Scent. They are probably more well known for releasing songs, at the moment, that are more ‘in-your-face’ (i.e. Bring It On). But their own repertoire also includes singles that feel more held back (i.e. A Song Written Easily from 2019), and it is this style which Same Scent would fall under. There isn’t anything wrong with this style of music, especially since Same Scent feels aesthetic in its own way and brings out a refined maturity. This alone makes the song quite attractive to me. There is an airiness to the pre-chorus that I quite liked, and the contrast between airiness and Same Scent‘s choruses was quite profound. The vocal work feels smooth and I really liked how the lyrics just glide along during certain parts of Same Scent. The ad-libs were also quite cool. My only concern about Same Scent is that it doesn’t feel like ONEUS did much in it. The chorus is largely empty, with Same Scent relying on the tropical synths to do most of the talking (again nothing wrong with this, especially since I enjoyed the way Same Scent sounded – I am just more concerned that ONEUS didn’t really get a chance to showcase more of their talents in the song compared to previously). We do get a bit of lyrics in the choruses towards the end of the sections, but they aren’t exactly the most memorable hooks. The first verse was also largely unmemorable, as well. But at least the second verse had some strong rapping, particularly Leedo who starts off soft but builds his sequence as it goes on. Ravn’s autotuned follow up and bridge sequence was probably the song’s most textural component. Overall, a pleasing song. But I would have liked ONEUS to have been a bit more robust (in a fitting way) in this song.

The music video doesn’t really add much to this comeback, if I am being honest. It captures of some that aesthetic that I mentioned in the song, with smoother and slowed down choreography shots. And you could argue that some of the solo close ups might also capture some of the aesthetic. But I felt the choreography sets were confined or too dark. Sure, they give off some mature vibes. But not enough for me to really say much about it. The scenes where the members are dancing in a shallow pool of water was probably the coolest aspect of the music video. And while it did have a refreshing vibe as we haven’t seen this recently, it isn’t innovative nor groundbreaking.

With a mature sound like Same Scent, I am glad their performance stage picks up on this. There is a subtle sensual vibe to the choreography that works well with the song and even their attire at their showcase stage brings more of that sensual energy. There was also a subtle intensity in the chorus routine, which I found to be quite satsifying to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

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