[Review] Nxde – (G)I-DLE

As I mentioned in my last review, it is a big week of reviews. And I am namely saying that because of the many song/album reviews I am trying to prepare/post over the coming days. Last week, I completely missed the return of one of KPOP’s trendiest groups of the year. But today, I am going to knock out the review for said comeback on this blog. If you are wondering who I am talking about, it is none other than (G)I-DLE. They had a smash hit with TOMBOY earlier this year. On Monday last week, they returned with what looks like another hit – Nxde.

Let me start off by saying that TOMBOY did end up growing on me after I reviewed it (I acknowledged this in the album review I wrote for I NEVER DIE). So I am hoping that more listens to Nxde might change my perspective. I am of the opinion that it could have been a decent track, with a nice Broadway and old Hollywood influence to it. But there are some major flaws and it is because of these flaws that I hesitate with liking Nxde. Let’s start off with the positive aspects of the song. Firstly, the chorus. It can be broken down into two halves. The first half of the chorus is probably the most memorable aspect of Nxde, with the whisper utterance of the “Yes, I’m a nude” and the somewhat screechy violins. It is also one of my favourite parts of the song. The second half of the chorus fails to capture that same attention, as it opts for a pretty flat melody. But I did like the forceful vocals in this part. The pre-choruses were a nice ramp up to the chorus (though they and the vocal aspect of the verses were pretty standard for KPOP). I did like the additional touch of electric guitars during these pre-choruses, giving Nxde some extra edginess. The anthem sequence at the end was also a strong moment. The English could have been better, but I really like how the energy of Nxde peaks here. Now, with the positives listed, I turn my attention to the flaws of Nxde. I find all the flaws boil down to one particular member – Soyeon. I feel like if her parts were removed (i.e. the awkward intro, her overly energetic rapping in the first verse, her clumsy blur of a rap sequence in the second verse and the line “Now, I draw a luxury nude” in the bridge) and replaced with cleaner, clearer and toned back rap sequences, Nxde would have been much better and stronger. Her parts just attempt to jam her own individual style into the song and it just doesn’t work out. It also doesn’t help that she alone has a massive chunk of the song. On a quick side note, I am full aware that the intro shares the exact same lyrics as that anthem end of Nxde, but I felt Soyeon was trying too hard at the start. It left a poor taste in my mouth – not really the way you would want to start off the song. Overall, I wished Nxde was more refined and clever.

Concept wise, I think the video nailed the various vintage concept styles in this video. We got an amazing old Hollywood style going on with the group performing as showtime girls in the first chorus. We also see Marylin Monroe influence in some of Yuqi and Minnie’s solo scenes at the start of the video. Monroe is also acknowledged and thanked at the end of the video for being an influence. In the second chorus, we see the group don more modern/sleek outfits with a tinge of that vintage feel to it via the jewelry pieces. And then we get a bit of vintage and classical art at the end, with the members performing at an art gallery and posing as pieces of art throughout the video. Banksy was acknowledged as an influence for this part of the video, which I suppose is in reference to that “Nude” painting that is shredded. Needless to say, the visuals and outfits are the highlight of the video.

I liked that the choreography embraced that sensual undertones of the song, going with a memorable ‘pulling a zipper down’ move for the chorus and sexy hip waves. I did think when the sexy undertone was not there, the moves were a bit clumsy. I also feel the choreography is best when the members are in their showtime girls outfit.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.1/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Nxde – (G)I-DLE

  1. weirdly, soyeon’s raps don’t trouble me in this song at all. I agree with the intro but the rap in the second verse is great imo…side note: i did not know shuhua could sound like that!

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