[Special] 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Nominations

Due to the number of categories, I have elected to split this post into three pages.

  • To view the ARTIST-RELATED categories (including Best Male and Female Soloists, and Best Male and Female Group, collectively the Artists of the Year categories), click here or click to the first page at the bottom of this post
  • To view the CHOREOGRAPHIES, VISUALS and PERFORMANCE RELATED categories, stay here and keep on scrolling!
  • To view the SONG-RELATED categories, click here or click to the third page at the bottom of this post.

Performance, Visuals and Choreography Related Categories

Best Special Performance Category

Best Cover Category

Best Visual Categories

Best Solo Choreography Categories

Best Group Choreography Categories

Page 1 – Artist Related Categories
Page 2 – Choreographies, Visuals, Comeback Related Categories
Page 3 – Song Related Categories


4 thoughts on “[Special] 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Nominations

    1. Yeah, the calibre of new male groups this year were many levels below the calibre of new female groups. I am hope that 2023 is different and we see more interesting new male groups!
      Glad to see you are excited to vote in this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards.


    1. Voting won’t open until this Saturday, and will stay open for 1.5 months (so there will be plenty of time to vote). Another post will go live at the start of the weekend (my time) that will have a link to the voting page, where you will be able to vote!


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