[Review] How We Live – KANG DANIEL ft. sokodomo

KANG DANIEL is nominated for Best Male Soloist, whilst Upside Down has been nominated for Best Solo Choreography (Male) for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support KANG DANIEL, and your other favourite artists, songs and performance by clicking here to vote today.

This week is finally going to be the week where I finally post KANG DANIEL’s album review for The Story, which will now be expanded to also cover The Story: Retold, the repackaged version of the album that was released two weeks ago. But there are still two tracks I want to review by themselves since they received the music video treatment. One of these songs is How We Live, which features sokodomo. A music video for How We Live dropped mid-June, a month after The Story (and its title track Upside Down) was released. More recently, KANG DANIEL made his solo debut in Japan and returned to Korea with the new single Nirvana.

As a side-track, How We Live is quite a neat number. It is a simple old school hip-hop track that aims to be fun and vibrant. And I am happy to report that How We Live nails this quite well. Now, How We Live might not be the most riveting track on the entire album, nor do you find the track to be a show-stopping piece. It is also not a track that really shows off KANG DANIEL’s skill sets. Instead, How We Live keeps it simple, with a light tone that was enjoyable through Summer (the song was released on the cusp of Summer). I personally feel that this simplicity and light tone works in KANG DANIEL’s favour, as it complements the soloist’s vocals really well. In addition to that, there is honestly not much to the track, just those light old school hip-hop influences for the instrumental brought to life by fun and playful piano and some touches of brass (which is the instrumental of fun when it comes to KPOP), a simple melodical hook that is super easy on the ears and catches on quite effortlessly, and some really good rapping courtesy of sokodomo. sokodomo’s input to the song gives How We Live a bit of variety, and thus keeps the song from falling into a single constant state, which would have rendered the song boring and ineffective. All of these elements contributed and helped make How We Live quite enjoyable. And a comment that I pull out often for songs like this, but I appreciate that it is isn’t muddled or overwhelmed with synths or intensity. It is carefree and easy to get into. Hence why I quite enjoyed the likes of How We Live.

Just like that last comment about the song, this music video pretty much carries a carefree and no-nonsense vibe. All we see throughout the video is KANG DANIEL, sokodomo and the dancers enjoy a bit of unworried and casual atmosphere in the video. It is as if they rented an expensive home to escape life for the weekend and enjoy themselves in the company of some friends. Simple, straight to the point, but also exudes a bit of that fun and easy-going energy.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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