[Review] Don’t Tell – KANG DANIEL ft. JESSI

KANG DANIEL is nominated for Best Male Soloist, whilst Upside Down has been nominated for Best Solo Choreography (Male) for the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. JESSI is also nominated for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song and Best Solo Choreography (Female). Support KANG DANIEL, JESSI, and your other favourite artists, songs and performance by clicking here to vote today.

As mentioned earlier this week, I am determined to finally get KANG DANIEL’S The Story / The Story: Retold album review out this weekend. But before I can do that, I need to post one more review for a side track from the album that also got the music video treatment when the album was released earlier this year. This song is KANG DANIEL and JESSI’s collaboration, Don’t Tell. It joins Parade and How We Live, who also go the music video treatment despite also being side tracks on the album, that is lead by Upside Down and Nirvana.

Don’t Tell is a sexy song, tapping into the 2021 trend of Latin influences. The guitar is quite upfront in the initial seconds of the song’s beginning. It is then briefly muffled and placed further into the background of the background, allowing the deep paced bass beat to really come through. The deep beat really sets the tone of the song, showing a very mature and sexy side. KANG DANIEL’s vocals definitely work in this limelight, especially when he uses his deeper tones just prior to the choruses. The guitar returns to its former presence as we enter the chorus, which ends up being a slightly more amped version of what we have heard thus far (with added percussion). The melodies were quite catchy, and propelled the song forward. It might sound like a recipe for which I would usually call ‘overly consistent’, but I think the producers do enough of a job to Don’t Tell‘s chorus to keep me from getting to that conclusion. And as the song progresses, you can tell that more is being done to keep the song from falling into that trap. JESSI begins her feature in Don’t Tell from the second verse. The songs that I know her as of late have been more dynamic and upbeat. Here, JESSI channels a mature mindset to complement the song’s tone and brings her raspy vocals to the table, which I thought was a bit unexpected. I know that JESSI can sing, but I came in with the mentality that she would be rapping in the song. I also like how she also adds ad-libs to the song. The most memorable aspect of Don’t Tell is actually JESSI, with her line following the second and final choruses. The amplification she goes with in that line stands out and really stays with me. KANG DANIEl’s “All the girls in the back… All the fellas in the back….” line in the bridge was a close second. I also quite liked the final moments of the song where it got quite upbeat. This might have been brief, but it definitely helped end Don’t Tell on a non-consistent manner to the rest of the song. Overall, Don’t Tell was a nice side track on the album that ended up leaving a positive impression on me.

The music video didn’t have much to it. Choreography scenes and solo scenes of KANG DANIEL, JESSI and both. I was glad to see JESSI in the music video, and I loved the sexiness she added to the video. You can tell she isn’t shy. As for KANG DANIEL, he takes a subtle approach with his matureness and sexy appeal. But he does enough for it to be apparent enough. He just isn’t upfront with it. I did like the luxurious hotel setting the video appears to be shot at, especially when it came to the pool choreography scene and the ‘nightlife’ scene we see at the end of the video. The coloured neon lights made it look quite cool and very flashy (pun unintended).

KANG DANIEL’s showed off a more confident and sexier side to himself in this performance as well, from what I can see. There is a fair bit of hip work to this performance – of the thrusting and waving kind. I also thought his footwork was quite good. The dancers really put their all at the end and I really liked how this captialised on the energy exuded in this section. A nicely done performance, overall.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


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