[Review] All About You – THE BOYZ

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Last week, THE BOYZ released a new single, All About You, to celebrate their 5th anniversary since their debut in 2017. Since their debut, THE BOYZ have definitely risen in the ranks of KPOP groups and are now considered of the biggest male groups in KPOP. This is also THE BOYZ first release since WHISPER and BE AWARE from August this year.

With that piece of context, it is clear as day that All About You is a fan song, with some of the members penning the lyrics to the song for their fans. Usually, I do not say much about these types of songs, as the intention of these tracks tend to be pure and warm-hearted. And plus, I don’t want to look like a prick by saying mean stuff about such a song. All About You is a mid-tempo acoustic pop track that comes as quite pleasant and warming. The verses are melodic and soothing, with the members’ vocals opting for a lower tone. This plays nicely into the pre-choruses, which also opts for a low vocal tone. But this segment has been slightly autotuned to make it come off as monotonous and there is also a panning effect, which gives the song a bit of texture and doesn’t it make it overly smooth. We then proceed into the choruses, which features more defined vocals (relative to the opening verse) and a nice swayable melody that I enjoyed. Rapping makes a presence in the second verse. Usually, raps don’t fit into these songs as well as they do with other styles, but they stood out for me here in All About You. I enjoyed the way it has been moulded into the song and the pace was quite calming. The rest of the song falls into line with what we have heard so far, keeping a nice consistency overall.

The music video fits in nicely with the song. THE BOYZ are just acting casual in the video, as if they are college students and having fun with one another throughout the video. They already appear to be a tight-knitted group in their more ‘behind the scenes’ type of material and other works, but to see it here was quite cute and enjoyable. It is also nice to see Eric as part of the lineup again. For those who may not know, Eric has been sitting out of promotions for a while now due to his health. But he is officially back from the looks of it and it is a nice way to bring him back. Elsewhere, I enjoyed the golden hue of the video, which makes everything appear warm and inviting, which I am sure is the intention of the video, overall.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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