[Review] Young & Wild – TEMPEST

TEMPEST is nominated for Best New Male Group and Most Underrated Song (for Can’t Stop Shining) in the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Support TEMPEST, and your other favourite artists, songs and performances by clicking here to vote today!

I intend to post an album review for TEMPEST’s second mini-album, SHINING UP, tomorrow. This mini-album was released back in August of this year and is lead by the single Can’t Stop Shining. Following the release and promotion of Can’t Stop Shining, TEMPEST followed up with promotions of another single from the mini-album, Young & Wild. And this follow-up promotion also featured a music video of some sort, which makes it eligible for a review in its own right. Hence why we are here today.

In addition to the title track, Young & Wild convinced me to actually put the mini-album onto the review list. Well, to be precise, with this song opening the mini-album, there was very little convincing required. Opening up Young & Wild are some very cool and impressive rapping that did not rely on instrumental whatsoever. A strong impression from the very first few seconds speaks volumes to me. Then the vocals followed through (with some additional raps), all of which occurring over a tropical styled instrumental that felt fitting for the Summer season that KPOP was slowly getting out of in August, when the mini-album dropped. All is looking good thus far. However, it is the pre-choruses was what sealed the deal for Young & Wild for me. We get a rush abrasive pop-rock energy from the guitar riffs that caps off the verses in a trendy fashion and electrifies the song further as we lead into the choruses. The choruses was just as promising, following the pre-choruses with satisfying energy and momentum allows Young & Wild to give off cool vibes. I like the bit of hype they tack on to the end of the choruses. I also really liked the slightly shouty touch the vocals had throughout the chorus. It was well controlled and complemented that energy that I just mentioned. The bridge brings the best of Young & Wild‘s vocals and rap (though the latter was brief) in my opinion with Hyuk ending it with some really cool ad-libs. We then return to the chorus, which keeps up the hype energy and closing out the very cool opener to the mini-album.

The music video that we got for Young & Wild was more so a performance video, with the choreography being the main focus. There isn’t much else to the video other than choreography, though there was some closeups, which doesn’t allow the video to feel exactly like a choreography video at the end of the day. The set was pretty basic, featuring stone pillars, a circular platform in the background, a bright central light and white sandy floor. All of which contrasted well with the black background. Similarly, the members’ were donned in white outfits, with black accents and accessories being used to match the video.

Just like the song, the choreography for this single was cool. The sychronisation was insane, and I really liked the oomph the members put behind some of the moves (i.e. when they are stomping or during some of the chorus moves). The legwork and footwork was definitely impressive.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.4/10


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