[Review] Back Down – P1Harmony

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As flagged the other day, another P1Harmony review is finally here. Following their Doom Du Doom and HARMONY: ZERO IN promotions, the group more recently returned with their fifth mini-album release last month, HARMONY: SET IN, which is led by the single Back Down (the focus of this review post).

P1Harmony turns back to a very energetic form of hip-hop energy for this comeback. We have heard the group tackle the hip-hop genre in similar fashion before in the past (e.g. Do It Like This). It just Back Down goes in a bit harder and it doesn’t ‘back down’ in anyway as the song progresses, which I appreciate. It is a hype track from start to end, and doesn’t stray away from its foundation. I personally quite enjoyed Back Down. The rapping in the verse was quite cool. The first verse could have been a bit more thrashed out, but the second verse rap had a more of a memorable tinge to it. The vocally sung pre-chorus was a definitely a highlight and showcases the vocals of Theo and Keeho quite well. I really like the swing they brought to the song, which helped made Back Down a little more interesting and gave Back Down a sense of depth. Then comes the choruses, which were rather catchy. The chorus is the main reason why I have pushed the review to be written much sooner than other releases. It does get a little repetitive (and hence one-dimensional), especially when the same refrain is repeated for the final chorus without much change. I wished they had added something to the final chorus, just to signal the end, like a high note of some sort. But overall, Back Down manages to show the consistent potential that P1Harmony has in the industry.

I think of this music video a bit of a villain origin story for some of the members. Unfortunately, after accidently plugging in the wrong wires into the wrong holes, the entire P1Harmony are zapped. A fight ensues between the two halves of the group, one of which is determined to press the button, while the other half is advocating for the button to not be pressed. A dance battle and fight follows. But in the end, two sides become diplomatic. But it turns out fate has other plans when a light fixture comes crashing down and hits the button instead of any of the members. The entire group is zapped again, leading them to pass out. Afterwards, the group regains consciousness, correctly swap the wires and plug them in correctly, before all pressing the button. But the video cuts out right afterwards, so we don’t know what the button actually does. I know what a rollercoaster ride of a video. But I managed to find it interesting and thought it was a fun one. I really liked their outfits throughout the video.

The choreography was pretty decent. It wasn’t exactly the most memorable routine out there. But it does have its charm and fits in with the hype and hip-hop energy that Back Down exudes. Not exactly sure if I am describing the moves correctly (do I ever?), but I liked the fight- blocking moves that come during the choruses.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10


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