[Review] PULL UP – VIVIZ

VIVIZ makes their comeback today with their newest single, PULL UP, and third mini-album, Various. This new release follows VIVIZ’s big and busy year which involved their re-debut with BOP! BOP!, LOVEADE and Rum Pum Pum (the latter track being a music release of the Universe Music app) and their participation in the Queendom 2 series.

My very first impression of VIVIZ’s new song is that it exudes a more noticeable mature vibe compared to their past two singles. I do have a tendency to enjoy more mature sounding tracks, so this one is already winning some brownie points in my book. But by no means is PULL UP a dark or edgy type of song. Instead, PULL UP keeps on trend with a funky and groovy instrumental to it, complete with some brass (that is always synonymous with funk and groovy instrumentation) and cow bells. PULL UP begins with a consistent foot-tapping beat (that feels almost like a model’s walk or runway type of vibe) and a more subtle funky touch thanks to the very low bass in the background. Clear vocals, melodies and atmospheric synths comes into play during the pre-chorus, before we “step” into the chorus. Emphasis on “step”. The use of a boring description for the transition between verse and chorus is on purpose for this song because the chorus just felt too similar to PULL UP‘s opening verse and this disappoints. The only difference my ears can detect between the two sections is a slightly change to the vocals. It is missing oomph, which could have transformed PULL UP. The already mentioned brass comes in as a backing for the post-chorus hooks. The first time around, the brass is standalone, while the second and third sequences of brass we get, it forms the backing for rap sequences. The rapping was quite cool, and I enjoyed the sassy-like vibe that comes from the song through the combination of rapping and brass. It isn’t enough to make up for the disappointment from the choruses, but it did give PULL UP an opportunity to pull me into the song in the end. Had the chorus been a a bit more show-stopping and less lacking, PULL UP would have been one cool song.

VIVIZ is a bit sassy and full of confidence throughout this video. They make a statement and drawing in attention wherever they go and in whatever they do, but they have no care in the world for whatever others think or say about them. They enter a convenience store store right after blowing up their car outside, proceeds to trash the place, blowing up heads of those watching them in the store and through the CCTV. They proceed to run people over (I am assuming those people were the people taking pictures of VIVIZ whilst they were in the car) and had a bit of fun in an art gallery or museum (which is usually not a place to have fun in). I did like their shopping outfits, but not so much the museum outfits (it all looked weird with Umji’s head covering and Sin.B’s rubber gloves).

The choreography for this comeback looks pretty good. I really liked the routine for the first brass sequence of the song, as that was the what that really drew my attention in. The chorus and the other brass sequences (with the rapping) looked cool and definitely fits with the sassy/confidence vibe they showed in the music video.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10


One thought on “[Review] PULL UP – VIVIZ

  1. I heard this ‘sassy and full of confidence’ VIVIZ track ‘Pull Up’ as a brassier, jazz underground sound when compared to the studio 54 larger dance sound of GFRIEND ‘s ‘Mago’. The black/pinstripe look in the vid made me think of your comment on ‘the more mature vibe’ look & sound.

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