[Review] Sweet Juice – PURPLE KISS

PURPLE KISS is another group to return this week. This time around, the group delivers their latest single, Sweet Juice, and their fifth mini-album release, Cabin Fever. Sweet Juice follows PURPLE KISS’ July 2022 single Nerdy (and their fourth mini-album, Geekyland) and the unfortunate departure of Jieun from the group (due to health reasons and anxiety).

Sweet Juice has a strong set-up and potential in its sultry tone and haunting instrumentation. I really enjoyed the orchestral touch Sweet Juice had and the smoothness of the vocals from the members, overall. The haunting tropes that make up Sweet Juice‘s instrumentation, along with the soft and almost-whispery vocals, give the song a fair amount of character. The rapping in the second verse is also quite a good element, adding a brief but sassy tone to the song, infusing a different energy into the song (compared to everything else we hear in the song). However, while it does sound like I fam singing praises for Sweet Juice, there is a major issue with the song as it progresses along. I personally find Sweet Juice to also be an overly subdued song. It started off well, as mentioned, and I am pretty much fine with everything up until the second verse. But from there, Sweet Juice just stayed relatively neutral in its instrumentation and tone, and doesn’t build much from there. I wished the song had picked up momentum and intensity as it went on. This would have given Sweet Juice a lot more appealing points, and made the song more dynamic and interesting. With the haunting aspect to the song, I feel like this would have gone hand-in-hand and created a cool piece. We do have a bit of an incline during the bridge, but that is because it is building the song back from a stripped down sequence to another repeat of the chorus. Just not as satisfying, but it had the right intentions. Overall, I enjoyed Sweet Juice but I am of the opinion that the song could have done more.

Keeping in line with the haunting instrumentation, the music video also had a horror concept. The events take place within a hotel, which at first we are led to believe that the members work at (more on this theory just a bit). They feel a dark presence around them (i.e. the figure dressed in black with the hat), whom in some cases tries to harm the members. A mysterious phone call appears to help them escape the hotel. But I think, based on the ending of the video with the members donning uniforms, that the events we see are the ones that trap them at the hotel. And they are the dark presence that haunts the guests at the hotel. We actually never see the members greet any guests or escort anyone through the hotel. It is them in their plaid outfits holding the bag or that we see throughout the hotel. To further back my theory, there are messages that say RILAS throughout the hotel, which according to reddit is SALIR spelt backwards, which means ‘get out’. But despite that, the members still pick up the phone and say yes to Sweet Juice. Overall, I quite liked the video and think it nails what I want from such a concept.

I like the smoothness in the chorus sequence of the choreography, which goes well with the vocals. But for me, I quite liked the bridge and final chorus routines for this performance. The piano in the instrumental really allows the performance to include a few pretty moments, which ultimately helps makes the entire choreography more impactful.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.1/10


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