TWICE’s Talk That Talk was voted as the Best Pop Song of the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Congratulations to TWICE! Click here to see who else won in the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards.

Making their comeback earlier today is TWICE, with their latest single SET ME FREE and their 12th mini-album since debut, Ready To Be. The massively popular female group from JYP Entertainment was last seen on the Korean stage promotion their 2022 single Talk That Talk and their 11th mini-album BETWEEN 1&2. More recently, we have seen TWICE through their second English track, Moonlight Sunrise, which serves as the pre-release single to Ready To Be. I have yet to review the track, but will do so in the near future. Upcoming for TWICE is the impending debut of the group’s first unit in Japan – MISAMO (consisting of Mina, Sana and Momo). But for now, here is my review for SET ME FREE.

SET ME FREE is a solid comeback, bringing back a mature sound to their main promotional track. A heavy yet groovy bassline kicks off the song as the main drawing point of the background of SET ME FREE. I liked how the song builds on this as it flows into the chorus, which combined the aforementioned bassline with bursts of synth strings to create a suspenseful yet enjoyable instrumental for the background of the chorus. Along with the pop energy that the members brought to the chorus/post-chorus, SET ME FREE definitely had a lot of charisma and appeal to it thus far. The second verse featured a peak moment through Nayeon’s vocals, which helped drive the song forward. From here on out, however, SET ME FREE fails to really continue that forward trajectory and the song ends up falling a little flat in my opinion. The second run at the chorus had the exact same momentum as its first run. Similarly, the final chorus didn’t offer any highs than what we heard previously. There was a high note, but it was brief and didn’t make much of a splash. I wished both the second and final choruses had suitable levels of oomph to them to help drive the song forward. SET ME FREE would have really benefited from this. The bridge opts for a a trap-based sequence featuring rapping from Dahyun, Momo and Chaeyoung, which I was totally for. But the transition between bridge and final chorus was pretty much absent, and so there wasn’t any satisfying move that signals the end was coming for SET ME FREE. While these are pretty big missteps for the song, SET ME FREE did do just enough to sell itself to me, hence why I still described it as a “solid comeback” despite the flaws discussed above.

The music video did help facilitate some of that missing momentum through the explosions at the start and following the bridge/fake end to the video. After all, I do like a good explosion in a music video. And two does bring a slight edge. I liked how elsewhere the video depicts the message behind the song – putting everything on the line for love to unlock one’s true self. We saw the members driving/running away, escaping holographic containments, the ripping of jewelry and performing a pyrotechnic magic trick to change outfits and be freed from the strings that bound the member. They are very determined. The latter was Tyuzu’s solo scene and it was super cool to watch. I also quite enjoyed that spacy moon choreography backdrop. Not sure about its relation to the concept, but it was a really memorable look. Overall, a cool video to watch.

The choreography for this comeback shows a mature vibe from the group. A tad bit sensual, a tad bit charismatic, and a tad bit of attitude. I really liked it. There was some strong moments that were highlighted in the music video, such as Sana’s moment in the second verse and Momo’s forward movement during the bridge. I also liked how the members used a handcuff action to emphasis the title of the song when it was repeated in the song.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10


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