[Review] P.O.W! (Play On The World) – Cherry Bullet

Also making their comeback earlier this week was Cherry Bullet. The group’s newest single is titled P.O.W!, which stands for Play On The World. It leads their third mini-album, Cherry Blast, which was also released on the same day as P.O.W!. We last saw Cherry Bullet through their Love In Space promotions early last year.

P.O.W! throws the group a couple of different sounds, but none of them sticks. In the end, I find P.O.W! to be a bit of a mess and not that memorable, as a result. Let’s break down the song a bit. P.O.W! opens up with a dash of hip-hop influence, before the verses become a lot more pop centric with its percussive instrumental approach. The pre-chorus features a different pop motif, opting for delicateness. The chorus then features P.O.W!‘s most interesting sound, a heavy club-like beat that gives off an intriguing character and serious tone (and one I personally wished P.O.W! kept with, as it is definitely draws in my attention). But then, the chorus’ second half disrupts the energy and replaces it with a bubblegum pop like sound that detracts away from any effect created by the earlier parts of the song, let alone the first half of the chorus. All of this repeats again for a second time, preventing P.O.W! from ever settling and focusing on one sound. Changing sounds and influences within the same song isn’t anything new with KPOP. But I just feel like P.O.W! could have pulled the sound that makes up the first half of the chorus out of the song, made it their primary piece and stuck with it. It would have made P.O.W! a much more compelling listen. On a more positive note (I kind of ignored the fact the song doesn’t stick with one sound to find something positive to discuss), I did like some of the vocals/raps that the group presents us in P.O.W! (their vocals in the second half of the chorus felt very Cherry Bullet to me as this does feel recognisable from their earlier works), and I quite liked how they swapped the two halves of the chorus in its final run.

P.O.W!‘s accompanying music video is a bit of a disappointment, considering their last two music videos. This one was just plain in comparison, with just the usual close up and choreography shots. For some odd reason, I have the idea that a studio-based music video with more built sets would made for a cooler video. Guess I am not feeling the warehouse setting. The post-production does give the video some oomph and character, but not nearly as enough to dispel my initial thoughts on the video. On the plus side, their visuals remain a strong point of the video, and I do like their more confident and mature look in the video.

The choreography is probably the strongest aspect of this comeback. While I am definitely not fan of the combination of the two halves of the choruses, I am a fan of the routines of the two halves. The members did a neat job, showing off a slight mature and bright side of the group (respective to the corresponding half).

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.2/10


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