[Weekly KPOP Chart] 4th Week of February 2023

Apologies for the delay in posting the Weekly KPOP Charts posts for the 4th Week of February 2023. I was working on the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Winners announcement post that I ended up posting earlier this week. Now, I am catching up some posts that I have yet to post, which includes 2 Weekly KPOP Chart posts from the previous two weeks and another Weekly KPOP Chart for this week (the ‘on-time’ one). This is the first of the three Weekly KPOP Charts coming out today. So without any more delays, here is the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 4th Week of February 2023.

Recap & New releases of the Week

Unfortunately, during the 4th Week of February 2023, I only posted a limited number of reviews – THE BOYZ’s ROAR and Nine’s beyOnd. This was because my time dedicated to the blog was focused on trying to finalise the 2022 KPOPREVIEWED Awards, as previously mentioned.

The following songs were also released during the same week and was entered into the Weekly KPOP Charts system:

  • Thrill – E’LAST
  • Unicorn – Dia
  • Murphy – lilli lilli ft. Lee Mujin
  • Sorry’s Never Enough – Corbyn
  • Mirage – TFN
  • Sympathy – Shin Jimin
  • Spotlight – Serri (Dal Shabet)
  • Darling – Denise
  • How Are You – HAWW
  • Unbelievable – LUCY
  • One At A Time – Paul Kim
  • Just Me – WOO
  • Cupid – FIFITY FIFTY
  • 7PM – BSS (SEVENTEEN) ft. Peder Elias

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The Non-Korean release of the 4th Week of February 2023 was STRAY KIDS’ pre-release single, There, for their newly released Japanese studio album, THE SOUND. It ranked in the 8th position. The title track of the same studio album, THE SOUND, ranked in the 14th position. Unfortunately, I won’t be reviewing There as there is no corresponding music video. But a review for THE SOUND is coming in the future. So keep, your eyes out for that.

The Charts

Congratulations to THE BOYZ for debuting their newest song, ROAR, in the number 1 spot of KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Chart for the 4th Week of February 2023.. For more of the charts, keep on reading for more of the charts.

4th Week of February 202319th Jan – 25th Feb 2023
2beyOndNine (OnlyOneOf)(▲ 44)
3Cotton CandyJinyoung (GOT7)(▲ 14)
4Teddy BearSTAYC(▲ 4)
5Twinkle, TwinkleILY:1(▲ 29)
6GoodbyeBrave Girls(▲ 37)
7FAM (Korean Ver.)Stray Kids(▼ 6)
8ThereStray Kids(▲ 31)
9The Beauty of AcceptanceNELL(▲ 19)
10Sugar Rush RideTXT(▼ 8)
11One MomentJAY B (GOT7)(▲ 15)
12AURORAcignature(▲ 6)
13Ay-YoNCT 127(▼ 7)
14THE SOUNDStray Kids(▲ 17)
15chrOme artsOnlyOneOf(▲ 22)
16Because of YouTritops(▲ 36)
18MiracleWendy (Red Velvet) & Melomance(▲ 17)
20FightingBSS (SEVENTEEN) ft. Lee Youngji(▼ 6)
21FireworksAIMERS(▲ 34)
22YesterdayJay Park(▲ 35)
23ReasonDreamcatcher(▼ 7)
24MadnessMoonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)(▼ 13)
25PhantomWayV(▲ 32)
26Beautiful LiarMONSTA X(▼ 17)
27Love WarYENA ft. BE’O(▲ 30)
28Stamp On ItGOT the Beat(▲ 29)
30RisingtripleS(▲ 27)

Songs leaving the charts

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run during the 4th Week of February 2023, and were no longer on the charts since the following week:

  • Super Freaky Girls – A.iRiD
  • Ditto – NewJeans
  • The Moment – HVLF (Jihun – KNK)
  • Snow Prince -MIRAE
  • FAM (Korean Ver) – Stray Kids
  • PRESENT – Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)
  • Black Eye – Vernon (SVT)
  • Thanks To… – ILY:1
  • Will Spring Come? – Def. (JAY B – GOT7)
  • The Cure – SMTOWN
  • Phantom – WayV
  • 2022 (Forever) – DKZ
  • Christmas Snow – Nickkhun (2PM) & Yaochen
  • CHEMISTRY – Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

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