[Review] Give Me Your TMI – Stray Kids

The final Stray Kids’ side track to be reviewed this time around is Give Me Your TMI. It serves as the group’s third song on the mini-album, which is lead by their hit CASE 143. Alongside separate reviews for the title track, SUPER BOARD and CHILL that have already been posted, I can now officially confirm that the rest of MAXIDENT will be published in the coming days through a long overdue album review post. But for now, let’s have a deeper dive into Give Me Your TMI.

Give Me Your TMI was quite a punchy and a super fun track to listen to. Personally, out of the three tracks I have reviewed recently on the blog, Give Me Your TMI comes out on top, as the song is so expressive and there was never a dull moment in the track. I really liked the funky notes the song had, which gave Give Me Your TMI more character than if it went down just the glitch pop genre. The range of synths we got in the song were super cohesive and gave the song that punchy aspect. I particularly enjoyed the intense EDM breakdown we get in the post-chorus hook alongside Felix’s “Woo Woo Woo“. It was super catchy. The vocals and rapping were on par with each other, and both vividly took the spotlight. Changbin probably is my favourite KPOP rapper at the moment, just because I focus on him a lot in my reviews. But from the way he started off the song to the more intense oomph he gives in the bridge, he definitely showed off his skill set in this song once again. The vocalists had a really great chorus and pop melodies to deliver. And they practically nailed it. Even the low key moments in the second verse from Hyunjin and Lee Know were fun moments in the song. I also liked how the group sounds flirty throughout Give Me Your TMI, which goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics of the song (which I will speak to in the next section of the review). Overall, I find it hard to find an issue with Give Me Your TMI. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it is a song that I look forward to hearing when I relisten to the album or check out their discography.

Give Me Your TMI is a song about wanting to know more about one’s crush. In the video, the members are depicted as spy agents. But their mission is a lot more lighthearted than what we usually come across in movies or tv shows. So a lot of smiles and laughter being shared are seen in this video. I feel like the amount of barriers the members had to get to (i.e. the walls, caution tape etc.) represented the walls that their crush had put up, and the actions they had taken (i.e. gunfights, odd items that depict grenades, perfume that doubles as a smoke screen, hacking etc.) were all attempts to weaken said walls to get to their goal – to find out more about their crush. Clever and fitting way to depict the lyrics.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10


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