[Review] Kitsch – IVE

For those have missed the news, IVE will be making a comeback in a couple of week’s time with their 1st studio album! And in preparation for that, the group has already begun teasing the new album release with their pre-release single, Kitsch. The comeback and pre-release single comes of a super successful year for the newly debuted female group who had hit after hit in 2022, including ELEVEN, LOVE DIVE (which took out many Song of the Year grand prizes in the recently passed award ceremonies for 2022) and After LIKE.

Kitsch is definitely a bold piece for IVE, compared to their past releases. As a pre-release, it definitely does a great job of introducing us to a new era of the group. Hopefully, their title track shows a new side of the group, as Kitsch implies. Since its release on Monday, I have had a chance to process the song a fair bit, and I now find it to be the catchiest release of the week. This wasn’t necessarily my first impression of Kitsch but those few additional listens were really favourable and helped the song grow on me. Artistically, I really like their simple pop approach the producers opts for in the verses. It was calm and soothing,, while the brightness felt innocent and comforting. All of which was very much opposite to what the choruses were and this was probably done intentionally to make Kitsch‘s anti-drop choruses pop out and be so much more impactful. The chanty delivery was memorable and pretty much keyed into my head. The instrumental turns deep-toned and heavy with the stomping beat and more electronic-leaning background really holds its ground as a statement piece for the group. All of this shows produces a sassier side to the group, something I had not expected from group whatsoever. For me, one aspect of Kitsch that didn’t sit right with me was the entire rap in the bridge. It felt pretty cliché and I am not sure if that rapping style adopted for was the best choice. I would have liked it more if the rappers chose had a more attitude-filled energy to compliment the energy of the chorus. I also wished they went in harder to carry the momentum of Kitsch‘s chorus that preceded it. Despite the rap however, the boldness prevails and Kitsch is definitely raising the bar to their title track release in a couple of week’s time.

Just like the song, the music video turns from sunny daylight (and if the scenes were not in daylight, then there was a brightness to them they felt light and warming) to the a darker vibe (through the use of intimidating red/flashing lights, the darkness of the night sky). Even the way the group carries themselves changes. They go from having fun and an easygoing vibe to a much fiercer and powerful vibe. Overall, it is a music video that works well and goes hand-in-hand with Kitsch.

The choreography looks great. You can apply the exact same comments I had for the music video to the dance routine. My favourite bit has to be the chorus segment of the routine, where the group really shows a more mature yet powerful side of themselves in the choreography. And from what I can see in the music video, the group encapsulates the same energy we get from the song super well in the choreography. Can’t wait to see a live performance for Kitsch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


5 thoughts on “[Review] Kitsch – IVE

    1. I was going to discuss the line distribution, but removed it as it made the review lengthy.
      Essentially, I was going to say that I am with everyone. Liz definitely deserved more, and I am disappointed about her tiny share of the song. I am sure the producers could have reallocated some of the lines from other members to her. But for one reason or another, the decision was made to have Liz sing only only 6 seconds of the song. Hopefully, in the live stages, she gets to lead the chorus. But that should not compensate for her lack of solo lines.


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