[Review] Crazy Like That – VERIVERY

Another group to make their comeback this week was VERIVERY. Tuesday saw the release of the group’s 7th mini-album,  Liminality – EP.Dream, and their new title track Crazy Like That. This latest comeback follows the like of their fun and catchy Tap Tap comeback from mid-November 2022.

Crazy Like That is quite a subdued dance track. Each time I listen to the song when it was first released, I hoped for the song to take itself up a notch, but that hope is never fruitful. But with the more listens I give to Crazy Like That, the less of that hopeful thought crosses my mind and the more I find myself enjoying the song. Sure, there are definitely moments in which I still think the song could have incorporated more into itself to make it a bit more captivating. And part of me still feels like the song is fairly dry. But for the most part, I find the track to be enjoyable. The already mentioned subdued nature of Crazy Like That does emit a dreamy and mature vibe, and there is a smoothness to the song that is appreciable. The instrumental is still very textural despite also being minimalistic. But it does run into the problem of being repetitive. The members do a neat job with their vocals, keeping their tone minimal to complement the instrumentation, but there was still some variation that gives Crazy Like That some interesting moments. And it is this variation that really helps the song from falling into a stagnant and repetitive piece. The brief use of autotune following the first chorus gives the song a moment of extra texture and flair. The bridge was my favourite sequence of the entire song, as it gave me something different to experience that wasn’t like the rest of the song. The producers do this by stripping away Crazy Like That‘s minimalistic instrumentation to the bare minimum, giving us a moment that was not similar to the repetitive instrumentation in the verses/choruses. Overall, an interesting atmosphere is created within Crazy Like That, that I ended up enjoying.

While the song side of the Crazy Like That comeback was quite minimalistic, the music video was not. There is a lot going on in the video, in terms of a possible story, sets/locations etc. all of which I am not sure is about. My best guess is that the group are showing they driven to achieving their goals and dreams (there is some imagery of this). And in the end of the video, they celebrate their success. However, I strongly believe I have completely misinterpreted the video, and am open to hearing about other interpretations. Personally, I kind of wished they took a minimalistic approach for the music video as well to better complement the song. Maybe the producers could have done something that felt artsy and more aesthetically pleasing to match up with the dreamy and mature vibes that the song had going on.

As for the choreography, I liked how they found a balance to making the performance quite intense without going overboard. This helps makes the comeback more appealing, and gives VERIVERY a chance to show more of themselves on stage.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10


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