[Review] Tap Tap – VERIVERY

Monday saw a lot of comebacks. And so, there is a lot to tackle. For this next review, I will be focusing on VERIVERY’s return, which to me was an unexpected comeback. I didn’t see much promotion ahead of the comeback, which was why I was surprised to see their new release on my feed yesterday. Though, me being on leave last week might have caused me to miss the articles. Anyhow, VERIVERY’s newest song is titled Tap Tap and is featured as part of their 3rd single album, Liminality – EP. Love. This is their first comeback since the release of O and Undercover earlier in the year.

I will be honest here. I didn’t have high hopes for the song in the moments before clicking on the music video to check it out yesterday. And this simply is due to the fact that their more recent releases have been underwhelming and less than memorable. But I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed Tap Tap. This more lively side of VERIVERY instantly boosts Tap Tap‘s appeal. If you follow my blog closely, you will know that I have an affinity for these types of songs. The pop choruses were energetic, fun and quite catchy – descriptors that I have not used for a VERIVERY release for quite some time now. I just enjoy the feel-good energy that comes from such choruses and they just want to make me dance. Unfortunately, it isn’t all good news for Tap Tap. While the choruses were the highlight of the song, Tap Tap‘s hip-hop centric verses dragged the song down, thus counteracting some of the appeal the pop choruses had given Tap Tap. There is a strong contrast that is so blaring obvious and unsettling. While I have praised contrasting sounds within the same song in the past, the issue with the contrast in Tap Tap is that there isn’t cohesion between the two parts. The pop rock pre-choruses does help bridge the two sides of the song to a degree, but it doesn’t do enough. I personally could have done without the hip-hop verses, as a result. There isn’t anything wrong with Tap Tap being a full fledged pop song. Vocally and rapping-wise, Tap Tap was a solid effort from the group. It is not the most memorable offering in the industry at the moment and I think there was room for the group to amp themselves up. But I really like the rap-speak that opens up the pre-choruses. Overall, I think Tap Tap would been a great song had it kept to the pop style that was on display during the choruses.

I quite enjoyed the fact the entire music video was lighthearted and showed the members having fun. While parts of it were definitely staged, it didn’t feel unnatural. A complete change to their last music video, where the setting and atmosphere was much weightier and darker toned. I liked the comic elements that the post-production department have added to the video, whilst the home video styled parts made the video feel more natural. I quite liked the Friends inspired start and scenes for the second chorus. I think this is the first time I have seen the 90s show in a KPOP music video. The collages also looked cool. Overall, a well-rounded music video.

I liked how the choreography embodies both the hip-hop and pop sides of the song, and works well within the boundaries that have been set by the song. It makes for a decent performance that encapsulates both the more serious nature of the hip-hop influence during the verses and the more fun nature of the choruses.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10


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