Call Me Baby – EXO

Who has been waiting for this review? I know, I am very delayed, but I am finally putting out a review for this song. EXO is finally back with a new song after what seems to be a shocking year for the group. 12 members become 10 members after the shocking “departures” of Kris and Luhan (with rumours of more – hopefully this is not the case). I put departure in quotation marks mainly because from what I understand, their contracts have yet to be ripped up meaning they are still under SM Entertainment and a part of EXO. From what I understand (again), their contracts are still valid up until the day both sides reach an agreement of contract cancellation or the courts decide for the parties. This is quite sad news, but it seems like EXO is going strong. Fans still support them in both Korea and China, with their latest song a huge success pretty much.

And from hence forth, I think I am going to have 58934689034 fangirls stalking me for what I am about to say. Don’t take this the wrong way, because this is a pretty good song. But, I personally thought the song was quite a mess. This song is pretty good (better than Overdose) but it really isn’t up to par with the likes of Growl. After listening to the song so many times already, “Call Me Baby” is probably the most annoying thing that I have ever heard. Some songs do need the repetitiveness, but in this song, it clashes with the rest. I personally don’t like songs where singers sing on top of each other, but with different lyrics (minus a few exceptions). This just sounded so messy. The chorus was being delivered with a rapper rapping a small part and on top of that, the next vocalist is brought in.  It just confuses me and it is not neat. But on the other hand, I liked the song. The part where Chen and D.O harmonize during the bridge was pretty good. The rapping was good (but the mismatch between the voices at the start of the rap has to go). It is a nice song overall, fits in well with EXO’s style.

Okay SM. There is no need for another one shot video for EXO. It is so boring to watch. But many of their fans are probably like “this is a one shot video”. Thank you for telling me something obvious. The music video was shot to mimic the “one shot concept” and I don’t think this song or concept needs that. I don’t think they need excessive amount of videos mimicking something that they already done. It kind of looks like the company (well director and porducer in this case) is lost when it comes their music videos. Actually, SM has always been lost. They never got out of the box until recently. Another complaint. Their hair. So ugly. My hairstyle at the moment is pretty bad. Kai’s and Chen’s permed middle part really needs to go back to the bin. This isn’t the 90s we are looking at. I thought their clothing were bad in Overdose, but their hair here takes it to a whole new level. Actually, I want to know what Kai is wearing half the time. He really looks “untrendy” in this video. As for that black and white filter, what was going on?

Their dance, I can say, is much better than their music video. Though there is a lot more patting on the back and shoulders, I think this dance was really cool. Their solo parts at the beginning where pretty solid. In fact, I have not seen some members attempt dance moves like that in their previous releases ever. Don’t know what that means though.

I know, I don’t like taking stabs at artists. Especially artists  such as EXO, I always become uneasy with putting out their reviews. They haven’t had the “perfect” song that incorporates a dance, but they still put out good songs. But these are just my opinions on the song, music video and dance. 7/10


Miracle Of December – EXO


EXO is finally back to gift their fans with a brand new mini album. After successful promotions of Growl, their hottest song yet, they released a Christmas album, just in time to all the EXO fans to have under their Christmas tree. This time around they have opted for a weird promotion style. Well, not weird, but abnormal to what bands would have done and I am sure SM Ent has their reasons. But only Chen, Baekhyun, D.O (for Korean version) and Luhan (for Chinese version) recorded this song. After a week of the promoting as a trio, EXO has added Luhan and Lay to the crew, so I cannot wait to see what they have their sleeves (or stockings).

I freaking love this song. Not the point where I am screaming everytime they open their mouths, like some people I know. But this song is freaking amazing. It is like a 180 degree change for the band. Wolf and Growl were choreography based songs that focuses more on the dance, but the song was still amazing. This however focuses on the vocals of the three main vocals of the band. You could feel the emotion in this song.  I loved the instrumental and the lyrics are truly beautiful. The only thing I have to complain about, and I won’t be deducting any points, but the rapping. A part of me does not want to hear a rap in this video, mainly because it is a ballad. On the other hand, a rap could’ve changed the song around a bit and make it more interesting. But beside that: top notch song.

I have nothing to say about the video. It is just like the ballad. Beautiful and amazing. Though, I am going to make the comment with practicing on the facial expressions. Some of the acting is pretty good. Others are not. And why is there that Wolf era scene in the music video with the ring and the lunar eclipse thing. That is really quite confusing and useless in this type of video. Also, Kris as an artist? What is going on? What is this sorcery? The present seems cheesy. The plot of the video seems to be quite boring. And I hope the tuning point is that they are going back in time, but really it is just their imagination.

There is no dance to this song. But isn’t Luhan and Lay the dancers of the group or something? Please don’t tell me that there will be a dance.

10/10. By far one of the best EXO songs out there. It joins the rank of Growl in my mind.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS POST ON MY PAGE. THANKS AGAIN!!! EXO has been nominated for Best Performance, Best Song, Best Dance, Best Male Artist and Best Music Video.