Miracle Of December – EXO

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EXO is finally back to gift their fans with a brand new mini album. After successful promotions of Growl, their hottest song yet, they released a Christmas album, just in time to all the EXO fans to have under their Christmas tree. This time around they have opted for a weird promotion style. Well, not weird, but abnormal to what bands would have done and I am sure SM Ent has their reasons. But only Chen, Baekhyun, D.O (for Korean version) and Luhan (for Chinese version) recorded this song. After a week of the promoting as a trio, EXO has added Luhan and Lay to the crew, so I cannot wait to see what they have their sleeves (or stockings).

I freaking love this song. Not the point where I am screaming everytime they open their mouths, like some people I know. But this song is freaking amazing. It is like a 180 degree change for the band. Wolf and Growl were choreography based songs that focuses more on the dance, but the song was still amazing. This however focuses on the vocals of the three main vocals of the band. You could feel the emotion in this song.  I loved the instrumental and the lyrics are truly beautiful. The only thing I have to complain about, and I won’t be deducting any points, but the rapping. A part of me does not want to hear a rap in this video, mainly because it is a ballad. On the other hand, a rap could’ve changed the song around a bit and make it more interesting. But beside that: top notch song.

I have nothing to say about the video. It is just like the ballad. Beautiful and amazing. Though, I am going to make the comment with practicing on the facial expressions. Some of the acting is pretty good. Others are not. And why is there that Wolf era scene in the music video with the ring and the lunar eclipse thing. That is really quite confusing and useless in this type of video. Also, Kris as an artist? What is going on? What is this sorcery? The present seems cheesy. The plot of the video seems to be quite boring. And I hope the tuning point is that they are going back in time, but really it is just their imagination.

There is no dance to this song. But isn’t Luhan and Lay the dancers of the group or something? Please don’t tell me that there will be a dance.

10/10. By far one of the best EXO songs out there. It joins the rank of Growl in my mind.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS POST ON MY PAGE. THANKS AGAIN!!! EXO has been nominated for Best Performance, Best Song, Best Dance, Best Male Artist and Best Music Video.


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