[Review] Cotton Candy – Jinyoung (GOT7)

Last time I reviewed a release from a GOT7 member (i.e. JAY B’s go UP), I apologized to Yugyeom for not writing a review for any of his solo releases since he (and his fellow GOT7 members) departed from JYP Entertainment. I start off this particular review with another apology to Yugyeom, as it is not his time yet. Instead, today’s review will be focusing on Jinyoung’s solo debut with Cotton Candy, which dropped on Wednesday of this week. Jinyoung is the final member of GOT7 to make his solo debut on the music scene, opting to focus on his successful acting career. Cotton Candy is the lead single from his debut mini-album, Chapter 0 – WITH.

If I had to sum up Cotton Candy in one word, it would be pleasant, just like how cotton candy is to me. And I feel like that statement alone is enough for me to end the review right here. It literally and succinctly describes Jinyoung’s debut single. But of course, I will break the song down further. Cotton Candy delves into soft pop territory, with a slight groovy underlay that comes from the synths and bass that are present in the song. Jinyoung’s vocals were very smooth, with a subtle husk that just feels warm and comforting. The melodies further emphasises the smoothness of Cotton Candy and were quite enjoyable, though maybe they could have been a bit more riveting, just so Cotton Candy is more captivating. I did like the post-chorus hooks (i.e. the “Oooh” that felt almost like whistles at certain points), which helps gives Cotton Candy a more memorable tinge. Without that hook, I could have potentially used ‘plain’ and ‘ordinary’ to describe the song. But it was enough to pull Cotton Candy through and make it come off as pleasant instead.

I suppose the music video is alright. I don’t think I can get away with describing the video as positively as I did with the song. While the video is also quite pleasant, I am not entirely sure of the dark filter placed over the video. My guess is that it is meant to come off as aesthetic and cloudy-like. But I don’t think it needs to be that dark. Other than that, the video is full of shots of Jinyoung dancing, closeups and looking handsome – this I am not complaining about.

As mentioned above, Cotton Candy‘s music video features choreography. We haven’t seen a live stage for the release just yet, but he does show off his performance skills. There are a few spins and a bounce to the choreography, which matches with the song quite well. Nothing mind-blowing, but that is expected with a pleasant song like Cotton Candy.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10