Warm Hole – Brown Eyed Girls

Oh dear, oh dear. I don’t think Brown Eyed Girls do subtle. I can’t say the song disguises the sexual innuendo at all because well, it is on the surface of the song, it is within the song and I am guessing when we read the lyrics together, it is also between the lines. And if you have no idea what this is about, well here is a line from the song “fire in the hole, when you touch me down there, I’m not feeling very well, so hot in down there“. When that part first hit me, I was trying my best not to laugh but it was impossible. The song has this nice funky and disco vibe to it which mirrors the music found back in the day. It has that early 70s feel to it. I have to be honest, the song is quite catchy and addictive. Miryo’s rap and the chorus combined together is a tune that I cannot get out of my own head at the moment. Once again, this is a style that I think only Brown Eyed Girls can pull off like it is nothing. This particular, while it is bit sexual, has that Brown Eyed Girl style, just not the exact type of song that we all expected.

Holes, holes and more holes. This whole music video is full of different holes and a lot of spinning things. Holes in apples, records spinning on the turntable, blenders making smoothies, those really cool tunnels that form when you put air into them. It was a very bright video that has funky and disco vibe to it, making it fit hand in hand with the song. I absolutely love how intrigued they look when it came to the holes. JeA’s part was just a little too innocent. I don’t think climbing into a washing machine is that safe and furthermore kind look over the top for me. I absolutely love their rabbit ears and tails. It all fits into the video and comes together as a great concept.

The dance was anything but sexual. I thought it was very classy. Their costumes indicate otherwise, but the dance on its own really does not scream out slutty or anything that vulgar. Their bum wiggles are cute and fit in very well.

This part of their comeback goes really well together. The only big complaint that I have is: cannot take the song 100% seriously as soon as Miryo starts doing her lines. Not saying she is bad, just the content of the lyrics. 9/10

Brand New World – Brown Eyed Girls

Every single song that I am hearing in November is giving me chills and Brown Eyed Girl’s latest releases have been exactly that. It wasn’t something that I personally expected and thought it sounded really weird. Not the same colour that I expected for a Brown Eyed Girl’s songs, but it is growing on me. I now believe that this song has a style that probably Brown Eyed Girl’s can pull off. But anyway, yeah it is a weird song. I honestly cannot think of a way to describe it as a whole. There are elements of electronic and funk in it, but there is more to it which I cannot identified (I think I identified the more obvious genres that are mashed up into it). It also has a futuristic sound or a sound that I would have associated with the portrayal of space back in the 80’s or 90’s. I absolutely love the chorus, with JeA’s and Narsha’s fast pace singing. Miryo’s rap is kind of iffy for me, but after listening to it a lot, I think she handles it pretty well. The creepy “Hey~” that are featured in the track actually that really nice touch, even though it sounds really creepy.

The music video is one a whole new level. Yeah, those back up dancers with Gain at the start in those shorts, it took me some time to figure out that they were men. And that is what I love about Brown Eyed Girl’s music videos. They seem to always attempt to push something upon us that isn’t considered as typical. The video has a lot of sophistication in it. While it suits the futuristic sound that the band is going for, I absolutely found those bright lights on some of the dance scenes really obnoxious. It is something that has always been a part of me and every time a video has it, it just annoys me. It seems to be the girls go time travelling or something that bends light. I love the concept and thought it was very interesting. I love the special effects of the random shapes that pop up from time to time during the video. Beside those lights, I love everything about the video.

The dance, while it is something that does not scream Brown Eyed Girls, it manages to do the job and goes hand in hand with the song. To me, this dance just shows the girls ages. It really isn’t that strong compared to in the past, and reading articles about the girl’s bodies seem to just confirm my suspicions. My absolutely favourite parts? The creepy “Hey~”. How to make an entrance according to Brown Eyed Girls 101.

Overall, amazing song and video. An okay dance. 8/10

I will be reviewing Warm Hole and releasing the review tomorrow. I chose to do them separately, mainly because I want to share a laugh with you all about Warm Hole. if you don’t understand, it is time to play Warm Hole and listen carefully to some parts. I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow.


Queen – Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) ft. Gain (Brown Eyed Girls)

It has been a long time coming but finally something has emerged about Brown Eyed Girls. While this is not a full comeback from the band, one member is pretty good, considering the lack of activities from the band. So when I heard Miryo was making her comeback, I was extremely happy. Yes I know, Gain did make a comeback, but compared to the other members, she is promoted a lot more than her other band members. Brown Eyed Girls also shot down disbandment rumours, by saying that they are currently working on an album and it should be released sometime in the near future. I hope they don’t disband and if it happens that this album may be their last, I don’t mind. Just give me the album. How selfish of me really. But considering their age, it is amazing at where they are today.

So Miryo made her comeback. And the rapper is known for her bad ass style and hardcore rapping skills. And that is what every expected. However, I have to agree with most people. This song is quite underwhelming. I don’t think it is bad, it just does not conform to our expectations of the rapper. That is quite disappointing. But nonetheless, I don’t hate the song. I thought it was quite good and continue to think that it is Miryo putting out a new style. If you consider it, if an artist writes their song and produces it, only to have their loyal fans express their disappointment continuously, it would be hard on the artist. Learn to appreciate the song. For the song, I thought it was classy in its own standard. The song stilled managed to flow pretty well. It was not a badly written song or was not an earsore. Is it a song I would listen on repeat? No, not really. Gain’s feature in the song is pretty nice. There is this thing where the vocals of Brown Eyed Girls blend very well together. There is still that hip hop sound to the song, just it is very tamed and low key. It is a great song to listen to, but yeah, did not really wow anyone.

As for the music video, I am sure a little more budgeting would have made this video into something that makes us go wow. Yeah, rumours have it that Nega Network (which houses Brown Eyed Girls) have been having financial issues. Anyway, the music video was very boring. There wasn’t anything to interest me. Close up shots of the rapper and then dark silhouettes. The use of the Queen cards were pretty smart. I am at awe of her figure as well. She looked very hot in this video and her clothes just made it so much better (much of a pervert???). The music video did fit the style of the song pretty well as well. Gain did not feature in the video, which was another disappointment for this comeback. Yeah.

Now, they say Miryo has a few songs lined up and will be releasing more towards the end of the year. That is what I read online. 2 songs ain’t going to quench my thirst. Hahaha… Or even better, get the whole band to make a comeback. Nice song, though underwhelming. 5/10

Sign – Brown Eyed Girls

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Brown Eyed Girls. Sign was released in 2008 after their hit single Abracadabra, which still serves as one of the biggest and well known songs in the KPOP industry to date. Sign was released as a repackaged album for their third studio album.   This song was later released in Japan in 2010. After this song, they went on a break and later came back with hits like Sixth Sense and Kill Bill.

Not as great as Abracadabra or their later hits, but it still was pretty good. The piano instrument and electronic sound blended really well to make the song so good. Their vocals were superb and the rapping by Miryo was once again, probably one of the best raps ever. I really like the “sexy” bridge part. Gain’s voice sounded so sexual (this is not a complaint). But like I said before, this song really was not up to par compared to Abracadabra which was such a big hit. It just  did not have the feeling of “most popular”. Actually, I am sure some people thought Brown Eyed Girls would become a one hit wonder. That being said, the song was popular in South Korea to a degree and since the band went on to release in Japan as well, showed that the song did achieve some of kind of value for the band. When I first heard this song, I was disappointed. But when I continued to listen to it a lot of times, it grew a lot on me.

This music video was a little controversial when it was first released. It literally made headlines from what I remember. So, the Korean version is a drama version. The reason why it got a lot of criticism because there was a scene in the music video where Gain drowns. Yeah, even though such a scene is confronting to watch, I see no problem. There should be a warning sign on the music video somewhere. I guess that is why they now have a rating system for music videos. The music video shows this man bashing some people up to help save Gain from dying. He, from what we know, completely fails and she sadly turns up dead in the music video. It is a solid plot to an extent. The Brown Eyed Girls members become ghosts throughout the video and sing creepily behind the fighting scenes. As for the Japanese video, they focused mainly on the dance.

The dance was pretty solid. It became a pretty popular dance and I love how they used the beat and incorporated that into the dance with the fans. Not people fans but “it is so hot” fans. Yeah, you probably get me. But it was a cool dance and I enjoyed it a lot.

Overall, a nice song. It just was not good enough compared to Abracadabra. How many times have I said that today? 8/10

Special Guy – LUNAFLY ft. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

Source: http://area51sv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/lunafly-special-guy.png

This is my first LUNAFLY review ever. I was meant to review their debut song, but that song sounded to cheesy and at the same time reeks the sound of One Direction, so I stayed away from the song as much as possible. But now the band is back after a year,delivering a new sound so their fans. The band consist of Sam, the leader and guitarist of the band; Teo, the drummer and pianist of the band, while maknae Yun is an all rounder being able to play many instruments. The members are all vocalists of the band as well. This song, in particular, features their label mate Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls. Finally we get some kind of collaboration between the two label mates. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of them.

This song is pretty amazing. I love it and I think I find it the most enjoyable song since a very long time. This band goes for really simple sounds. There really is not much complexity in the songs that they release. It is all straight forward in my point of view. This song is pretty simple, that typical club beat but at the same time they mould the song into a more love ballad type of song. Well, even though the song has that club beat, it is a really soft club sound that I actually like. The part after the chorus is really addictive and basically what drove me to like the song. I also like it how they also make their voices fit the song. Those high parts in the instrumental have high pitch vocals which accompany the song. There are no over the top high notes here but the song still manage to blend well together. Even the rapping is pretty good. We all know Miryo for these really powerful raps, but this rap fitted the song, as it was quite slowed and remained in par with the vocals and the instrumental of the song. Amazing song.

Okay, I have to admit it. I expected a proper music video. There is nothing in their video. Just them playing their song at a club and a really bumping crowd. Beside that, there is really nothing to talk about at all. Miryo’s scene is in a different place, but they they combined her and the band at the club. Why? Was it seriously that necessary to put Miryo somewhere else and then put her in the club as well? I found it boring and uneventful.

The song itself is really beautiful, as for the music video, not so much. 7.5/10.



Kill Bill – Brown Eyed Girls

Source: http://showbiz.omy.sg/sites/default/files/images/201307/20130729/beg_vod_img.jpg

Brown Eyed Girls have made their first comeback to the stage in 2 years with their latest album, Black Box and their latest title track, Kill Bill. Parodying one of the most famous movie series to date, Brown Eyed Girls have made a comeback with a song equally as strong as Abracadabra and Sixth Sense. They announced their comeback through the release of Recipe, another song off their album which was released on the 9th of July earning them an all kill, toppling over their rival, 2NE1. Not only that, but Kill Bill has also proven to be one of most popular songs at the moment, trailing both F(x) and EXO with their songs on the charts.

The song has that western cowboy feel to it that we can all hear throughout the song. To be honest, I felt that this song was kind of weak compared to Sixth Sense and Abracadabra. However, after closely listening to the song, this song turns out to be an equally powerful song. KIll Bill (the song) talks about killing the girls “partner”. They talk about taking revenge on the guy, who has betrayed them of their love. Poor girls. The whole song is really dominated by the instrumental. While that would be a bad thing, I loved the vocals of Gain, JeA and Narsha in the song. They sounded really good and actually matched the song. The rap did not match the song as much compared to the vocals, but was really badass and powerful (Typically what you would expect from Miryo). I also did like the gunshot sounds before each chorus, giving more to that western olden day feels. I also loved how they had this changeover system for the chorus, where each of the three members who vocally sang in the song would each sing a different part of the chorus each time there was a chorus. I honestly was satisfied with the song. Why are they not winning any awards???? My most favourite line from this song when translated would have to be: “Run away from me as far as you can.

As for the music video, I have to confess. I have never watched Kill Bill before. Yeah, apparently it is a really good series, which I need to start watching. This review however, will be my own interpretation of the music video. Obviously, from watching the video, this whole music video is making fun of the movie, not an actual accurate depiction of the song. At the start of the video, in the olden days, we have Narsha, an calligraphy artist, who was busy painting the word “Bill” on the guys back. JeA who used to have perfect eyesight, was under the bed with a jar of a poisonous spider. Then, we have Gain who shoots the poor guy. Narsha on the other hands grabs her hairpin (paintbrush) and throws it at gain, supposedly killing her. We then have Miryo who comes in and kills Narsha with a gun, buts ends up dying because of that evil spider. Throughout this old scene, we learn that the guy they are all trying to kill is Bill and they all have their own motives for killing him, revenge for leaving them. We then skip forward to the future, where all the members survive, but instead starts hunting each other down to kill them. However that fails. It is not until they all “door knock” on Narsha’s house, that they have an extreme battle and die. Seriously, this is one funny ass video, that you must watch. JeA’s death must be the most unfortunate as she was shot in the eye, attempted to poison Gain, but instead ends up poisoning herself and then ends up falling (a remarkably short distance) to her death. I really do like how they did play on the characters. All I know of Kill Bill, there is a Japanese person, a yellow suit person and a really dumb one? I don’t know. But hilarious video (and artful come to the think of it).

As for the dance, I really did love it. It matched the feel of the song and was really cool. I particularly love the final chorus and Miryo rapping parts. Totally rocking.

9.5/10. REALLY GOOD. LOVING IT. Only problem is, I never watched Kill Bill, so my view of the video was distorted because of that.

Dirty – Miryo


OMG, her debut solo album is out, and it rocks. Now that is off my chest. This song is equally good as the album. I find this song does express a lot of emotion is a very fiery way. I really love the chorus and the “What the ****!” part of the song. I always believe Brown Eyed Girls has potential to be a hit, even their solos. It has a catchy beat & rhythm to it which makes it sound good. Its not like her other songs which she raps in like Sixth Sense, Abracadabra but equally they all share the same amount of hatred for her (their) lovers. Really good.

Music Video

One thing to say: This music video is going to be banned. Rude fingers covered in fire, a doctor slapping a nurses ass (who is wearing an extremely short skirt & looks like Tiffany from SNSD), swear words in the lyrics & the singer/rapper slapping really weird tan body builders (?). Yeah, that’s right. R rated from the start.

Now why are the body builders weird. Has anyone noticed that they have really tanned bodies while their head is white? No? It is as though they sun bathe but with a plastic bag around their heads. LOL. Anyway, the music video tells about a girl (Miryo) who is paralyzed (I think). Her boyfriend & best friend start to date each other while Miryo is unable to move. She plots revenge on all the characters displayed in the video (Boyfriend, best friend, doctor, nurse). One event starts a chain of events that I assumed killed them all? Not really.  Oh well. Oh by the way, Miryo is soon trapped by fire. How does she survive? I really want to know how she got out of there alive.

LOL. Also, I was expecting the video to actually have the horror movie theme in it but sadly it did not. The music video & song goes really well with each other, especially the misleading teasers.

Live Performance

The dance to this song is really cool. Basically the most memorable part was at the chorus where the lyrics are like ‘Dirty Dirty” (NOT THE REAL LYRICS). The dance move here intimates washing hands which is really cool. Also what is with big furry jackets? Well they are not bad. Block B have caused a bigger problem. LOL.

And The Rating?

As always, great song, music video & performance. 9/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀 Troy.