Special Guy – LUNAFLY ft. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)

Source: http://area51sv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/lunafly-special-guy.png

This is my first LUNAFLY review ever. I was meant to review their debut song, but that song sounded to cheesy and at the same time reeks the sound of One Direction, so I stayed away from the song as much as possible. But now the band is back after a year,delivering a new sound so their fans. The band consist of Sam, the leader and guitarist of the band; Teo, the drummer and pianist of the band, while maknae Yun is an all rounder being able to play many instruments. The members are all vocalists of the band as well. This song, in particular, features their label mate Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls. Finally we get some kind of collaboration between the two label mates. Hopefully, we will be able to see more of them.

This song is pretty amazing. I love it and I think I find it the most enjoyable song since a very long time. This band goes for really simple sounds. There really is not much complexity in the songs that they release. It is all straight forward in my point of view. This song is pretty simple, that typical club beat but at the same time they mould the song into a more love ballad type of song. Well, even though the song has that club beat, it is a really soft club sound that I actually like. The part after the chorus is really addictive and basically what drove me to like the song. I also like it how they also make their voices fit the song. Those high parts in the instrumental have high pitch vocals which accompany the song. There are no over the top high notes here but the song still manage to blend well together. Even the rapping is pretty good. We all know Miryo for these really powerful raps, but this rap fitted the song, as it was quite slowed and remained in par with the vocals and the instrumental of the song. Amazing song.

Okay, I have to admit it. I expected a proper music video. There is nothing in their video. Just them playing their song at a club and a really bumping crowd. Beside that, there is really nothing to talk about at all. Miryo’s scene is in a different place, but they they combined her and the band at the club. Why? Was it seriously that necessary to put Miryo somewhere else and then put her in the club as well? I found it boring and uneventful.

The song itself is really beautiful, as for the music video, not so much. 7.5/10.