Manyo Maash – Puer Kim


Let’s try moving to a lesser known artist for the time being. This one happened to just release a new song just a few days ago and honestly, I have no idea who this lady is. Now, I did a little search, and it was revieled that she is a folk singer who debuted back in 2002. She made recently signed to Mystic89, who houses other famous singers such as Yoon Jong Shin, Lim Kim, Park Ji Hoon etc. I did a little Google search, but nothing really came up, expect for a few covers. So maybe an underrated artist who took time off and then decided to comeback this year with a song that makes headlines? But honestly, have you ever heard of her?

First off the bat, the song really is not that great. She has a seductive voice which is quite husky. The song has this kind of retro feel to it (despite the video saying so). Even though the song was not that outstanding, the chorus had a pretty cool impact. Even though the music video was quite dark, the song did not seem so, which really confuses me, but at the same time, both suit each other pretty well. Now, I don’t know what “Maash” means but “Manyo” means witch in Korean, so something about fairy tales? I honestly don’t know. But they way she repeats each word separately really annoys me. The words are not joined together in the song, but rather scattered around. About the lyrics itself, when it is paired with the video, you get a sense that the video is trying to hint at something else. But the lyrics talking about fitting in and standing out. I don’t know if some people are being a little too picky with the lyrics though. But overall, a good song.

The music video is dark and creepy. Totally opposite to the feel of the song if you listen to it separately. But it matches the lyrics and the voice of the artist. Weird right?? In the music video, there is a clear difference between Kim and the mannequins, where she stands out which compliments the song’s lyrics/ I don’t why, but the video wants me to watch it more and more. It is not an addictive style of a video, but there is something in the video that makes me want to go back and look into. And that little “insult” thing with the SM and YG barcodes. Oh please, does every single song that looks supposedly down on the big company have to go to the firing range of the Korean netizens. But any video ends up going to that firing range anyway. But honestly, the “insults” seem quite credible once you look into the music video. But if they were not intended to be insults in the first place, then that person who designed the barcode needs to do something about their English skills.

7/10. Though it is not as high as other songs, I like the different style. Honestly, this company seems to put together a pretty good showcase of vocalists and can be quite successful. It is always nice to discover a new artist, particularly those who were around for many years and have never been discovered.