[Album Review] HARMONY: SET IN (5th Mini Album) – P1Harmony

The next album review on the blog belongs to P1Harmony’s 5th mini-album, HARMONY: SET IN. The new mini-album was released in November and features the title track Back Down and 5 additional side tracks to round out the mini-album. This release is also the group’s 3rd release of 2022, following DISHARMONY: FIND OUT (led by Do It Like This) and HARMONY: ZERO IN (led by Doom Du Doom). So let’s see how HARMONY: SET IN stacks up against the other two mini-albums that P1Harmony has released in 2022 whilst we await news for their first comeback in 2023.


1. Back Down (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Back Down. (8/10)

2. BFF (Best Friends Forever)BFF comes off as a fun and bright pop dance track, all about wanting to be best friends forever (hence the title). The guitar in the background is the showstopping element in BFF that gets my attention. It brings such a funky element to the song. Paired with the brightness that the members bring via their vocals and raps, BFF is a massive hit and an enjoyable listen to me. (10/10)

3. Secret SauceSecret Sauce is a hybrid hip-hop track that is an interesting listen. Even until this day, I am not sure if I am a fan of the song. It is bold and different, which I am all for. But the synths in the choruses give off a screechy effect, which I find very discomforting. Vocals and rapping wise, Secret Sauce is a solid effort from the group, and I can totally hear character and profile. The synths elsewhere were quite, like in the instrumental break, an appealing aspect. It is just the background to the chorus that irks me. (7/10)

4. One and Only – The appealing aspect of One and Only, in my opinion, is the perky and powerful energy that is exuded in the choruses. It packs a punch and definitely is something I enjoy. The rest of the song follows a fun refrain, which helps make the choruses more impactful. I also commend the instrumental of the track. Trap is a sound that we often get in KPOP, but it is usually quite dry and typical. But here in One and Only, the trap elements were a fun application, and I liked the tropical vibes that were coming from the song’s melodies. (9/10)

5. Look At Me Now (태양을 삼킨 아이) – Rock takes over the mini-album in Look At Me Now. From the 808 bass and the electric guitar riffs, Look At Me Now is such a sexy application of the rock genre and P1Harmony nails this track. They really carried themselves well in this song and I can see a future for the group in the genre. Overall, Look At me Now satisfies my cravings for the rock genre, giving me exactly what I want when I hear the genre. Now if more rock songs in KPOP apply this style, but also innovating it in a way that keeps it fresh and unique, then I will be a very happy listener. (10/10)

6. Better Together (배낭여행) – Closing out the mini-album is the mid-tempo ballad. I find the song to be a nice way to ease out of the mini-album, given that is was quite a full-on listen. I like the presence of the violins and guitar riffs in Better Together, in addition to the pop vibes that come from the rest of the instrumental. Vocals and melody-wise, Better Together was very pleasant and comforting to listen to. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

HARMONY: SET IN Teaser Image

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