Stop Girl – UKISS


Just a week ago, U-Kiss made their comeback with their latest mini-album, Stop Girl, which consisted of a pretty good song. 2 good songs. Obviously it is Sexy Baby and Remember (Acoustic Ver.), duh??? I am only joking, but they are good songs as well. Stop Girl was released in Korean and English as well (I think this is the first song released by U-Kiss in English). Anyway, this song totally rocks. At first I was disappointed. After DoraDora, I don’t think they should be coming out with these types of songs, and that they should go back to their hardcore dancing days. But this song started to grow on me quite easily, and then next thing I noticed, I was like” Stop girl in the name of love~”.

This song rocks. Not actually first time I heard it, but 2nd or third time though to get into the mojo of the song. It is quite different compared to Shut Up, Man Man Ha Ni, Neverland, Believe, DoraDora. They are kind of held back in this song, but this song has more emotions in it compared to Neverland. It is about a guy who wants to commit to his relationship and wants his girl to stop fighting, which is a type of song that is quite different to other songs that are about love in the KPOP industry. I really love the vocals (especially Kevin’s solo) and the rap of the song. The only thing I wish to complain is the amount of lines Dongho in the end got. He had to wait to the final moments of the song for a rap and only what seemed like 5 seconds, while Eli got 5 seconds too, but a section towards the beginning.

The music video is quite interesting. A black and white version and then a colour version was released. I like this idea, because it seemed fun to guess the colours which the members are wearing. (Or does that only apply to me?) LOL. But hey, I loved the music video, even though it was quite simple. Too simple. Well, they did add big chess pieces in the music video which was a plus and added to the “black and white” feel to the music video. Though, one thing is for sure, I am not sure about the hair Dongho. Long really does not suit him. Seems like a similar copy to G Dragon’s Seaweed hair.

The live performances never disappoint me and this time around, they are pretty good. I still really like Kevin’s solo part for these performances as well.

Well, 9/10. Really good.

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