Look At Me – Jewelry

Source: http://www.musiqqueen.com/content/uploads/2012/10/Jewelry-music-video-Look-At-Me.jpg

The girls are back after what has been like forever. Last time we saw them, I think it was when Back It Up was released, then they formed a new version of their subunit and now they are back. Really guys, this is an awesome song, something that fits quite differently to mainstream KPOP. This song has a total different feel to it than what we got with Psy’s Gangnam Style or Hyuna’s IceCream. “Now Look At Me!”

This song is really something quite different. Though being the group who debut the earliest (2001, I think) and have been together for more than 11 years, these girls are so underrated. One More Time, from memory is their biggest hit, and since then, nothing came up. These girls are talented as heck. I don’t think anyone (beside Miryo) raps for fiercer than Baby J. You can feel her passion in that intro that we got in their album and the song itself. The vocals are superb and really rocking out. The instrumental had the feel of American Hip Hop and sound really good. Why they did not win an award really confuses me. To me Jewelry is one of those groups, where all the members can do cute, fierce, retro, mainstream and ballad type concepts, which is a really good thing.

The music video was pretty good. Only thing I am gonna complain with was it was dark. Like common, most of it was okayjust those really dark scenes. The girls looked extremely sexy and beautiful while doing their make-up. Question: Why are they doing their make-up despite already having a load of make up on and the most beautiful faces ever? I also spotted a Chanel hat, is that even allowed? And Why is Semi lying down in  clothes that are too pretty to lie down in? Ahhh, curious kid here, just wanting some questions answered! Hahahahaha.

The dance is pretty good and fits the song perfectly. Shake That Ass and we will all look at you. Hehehehehehe.

Really good song. Okay music video and a pretty cool dance. 7.5/10.

Have Fun Watching 😀

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