Gone Not Around Any Longer – Sistar19

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Sistar19, the famous subunit of the group Sistar, has finally made their comeback  with a song that really sure brings out he sexiness in them. Saxophones. Check. Sexy clothes. Check. Bath tub. Check. Horrible boyfriend. Check. Excessive use of jewellery. Check. Review. Check.

The song is pretty okay. At first I was wanting something like Ma Boy, even though, I am not entirely with the song. When this song came out, I was like Urgh  But now, it is safe to say that this song is pretty up there. It ranks quite high for me personally. The start of the song was quite addictive, where it reminded me of the Alone choreography. As we enter the song, I think we were met of the whole idea of Hyorin and her backup dancer + featuring rapper. Well, I was quite surprised that they gave a whole verse Bora to rap, just to me, it would’ve have been better with Hyorin’s vocal in it. After that, the instrumental came through, which I think kind of reminded me of the other two members, Soyou and Dasom. Anyway, those high notes at the end were quite good and gave me the chills. The lyrics were pretty good as well. Overall, I was quite happy with the song.

The music video is kind of weird. I am not entirely sure which concept they are going in. I don’t know if it is sexiness or if it is hip hop. I am sure everyone saw those hip hop gear at the end. What does that even have to do with the whole sexiness feel of the song. Hmmm… I was quite amazed at the acting in this video. It is pretty good. Convinced until, I saw hip hop in the video. They were dancing to a piano in hip hop gear. There is something wrong with that indeed. Anyway, the glass piano is quite amazing, and how Hyorin stands on it to do her high note is pretty cool as well. I like those walls as well, something that gives more of an impact to the video.

With the dance, I thought that it was unhygienic to clean tables with your ass. Don’t you know how many people eat there? Don’t you hate that odd carrot now sticking out of your pants when you sit? Anyway, the dance is quite good actually. That and the table is more better than me at getting girls. Or the table is seriously that dirty and needed to be clean right away.

8/10. Pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Gone Not Around Any Longer – Sistar19

  1. With the dance, I thought that it was unhygienic to clean tables with your ass. Don’t you know how many people eat there? — that cracked me up. I’ve been wanting to do a Sistar review as well but nah, after reading yours, I’d recommend this. It’s fun reading your blog.


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