Goodbye – Dasoni (EXID)

EXID has once again pulled off, to me, another successful comeback in a form of a subunit. Dasoni consist of the two wonderful vocalists of the group, Hani and Solji. Must I say that I am in love with this group. I find every song they come out with quite addictive, this the same as well. Tough this comeback and debut crept on me as a surprise, I think that surprise paid off quite well. Let’s continue, shall we?

I TOTALLY LOVE THIS SONG! Despite it coming out like a week ago, I think, this has been one of the most successful songs on my list for this month. The vocals of both vocalists were superb and those notes at the end of the song were really good. However, I was disappointed that this song was unfortunately shorten last week to less than 3 minutes, which resulted into some parts of the song to be cut. The English phrases pronounced could be polished just a bit more, however, they will pass I guess. My one and only complaint with this song is: 2 members are not enough, I think a rap would’ve been better in the song as well. Well, LE, the group’s rapper, is actually promoting another song herself, you know, Brave Brother’s 19+ song.

I love the concept of the music video. That ethnic feel to the song was quite good. I don’t talk about the concept of comebacks that much mainly because I become really confused. However, the dresses worn in this video seems to be really beautiful. I really like the darkness feel of the song that the director has included. I guess it contrasts the beauty of the vocalists and their voices. The use of shadows are really effective. I really like the calligraphed drawing of what i think is some kind of shoot or bamboo. I am just confused about the pile of rubbish they sit on. Or is that to make it more arty?

The dance to this song is not as effective and addictive as other dances. However, the use of the fans and the formations and backup dancers are really cool. As for the singers, well their dance is kind of basic and I am sure my 4 year old sister can actually come up with something much better.  While we are talking about backup dancers, what is with the trend of covering up their faces with pieces of fabric? Something that I will never understand.

8.5/10. Pretty good.

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