Gentleman – Psy

Psy is finally back a new a song. Yeah. That is so lame. Hmmm.. Psy, the father of Gangnam Style, is finally back with a new song, Gentlemen. After taking a dance which he should not have, and a song that never lived up to its standard that Gangnam Style has set, Psy has actually achieved new grounds with this song. Achieving the most views ever in one day after release and becoming top 1 is a million countries. That is a lot considering what world records have been set on the Internet. With forth, the review.

The song is okay. Not as catchy as Gangnam Style (Review Here). I was quite disappointed. As someone did say to me, club beats aren’t that great in Korea, so the song would not rank as high. Yes, it achieved first place on MCountdown and a perfect all kill (If my memory did not stuff up). But that does not mean it was a great song for me. I personally don’t think it is the best song out there. I actually feel that Psy is actually a one hit wonder now. The instrumental, to me, is not that great. I feel that the whole point with Psy to “break” into the American music industry is for no reason. The vocals are okay. Not sure about the wet Psy part though. It sounds weird and at the same time dirty.

The music video is pretty funny. It’s funny I don’t like the song, liked Gangnam Style instead. As for the music video, it is quite opposite. I really did laugh when I first watched this video. Amazing hey? I particularly loved at “The Grasshopper’s” stomach scene and the eating battle between Gain and Psy. Actually come to think of it, Gain was super sexy in this video. I feel happiness surrounding me. I really loved where they danced in some part of the music video, though the last one with a thousand people seemed to be green screen. I love that air or water work thing in the scene in the middle. It looked cool. I also have to mention the product placement in this music video is quite horrible. Double A? Seriously? (I prefer Reflex. I think Australians would only get that). The scenes where Psy is being a “gentlemen” is this video dominates the whole video. Don’t you think so? 😉

The dance is okay. Actually no. I am not that happy with the fact that he took Brown Eyed Girl’s dance and transformed it to fit the song. I know that it is all legal and stuff like that, but I am not happy. It seems like he is ripping them off. But I like the addition to the hand movements of the dance. But if the dance becomes popular, which I personally think it would not, according to my friend: I will die and that I will be also unhappy. Nudge Nudge Wink Wink.

5.5/10. Sorry, but it could’ve been better.

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