Bar Bar Bar – Crayon Pop


Crayon Pop recently made their comeback (over 2 months ago) with their latest single taking Korea and the international audience by storm. When they released the single when it first came out, did not perform as well on charts. However now, they are ranking in the top 10, reaching up to third place on some weekly music shows and achieving 1st place on so many other charts. Seriously, at first I thought this song would be a big fail, but I am actually catching onto the craze right now as well. Aren’t they just so cute and weird? No? Just me? It is also currently August and they have been rising since their release in June which is pretty good, considering their current competition: f(x), Beast, Brown Eyed Girls, EXO, B.A.P etc. And they are also still considered as rookies…

Seriously, who does not love this song? It is energetic, fun to listen to and also quite different. Who does not plays Simon Says… with this song? Why am I asking so many questions? Why are they so popular after two months after release? What is the meaning of life? I don’t know. Honestly, all the songs nowadays are about love and emotion. This song, however, focuses on the fun side of life. The side where you “don’t want to be stick at home“. The Engrish in this song is over the top. The song is hell of a catchy one. The instrumental is quite different and actually sounds really quirky, giving that different effect to the song. The song is also really cute sounding. “Jumping yeah, jumping yeah, everybody”. Who just sang that in their head??? I just did! To be honest, this is a song that I would put on repeat and not become bored listening to it. Also, was anyone else really surprise with that rap breakdown? It really did fit the song and sounded really good. GREAT SONG OVERALL!!!!

The music video, yeah, is really lame. Not actually low budget and I understand what their budget would’ve been, but this music video was not that great. If it was the dance version only, then I would’ve been satisfied, but sadly, those outside scenes looked really boring and uninteresting. As for the absurdity of their costumes: 10/10. As for the story version of this music video: I thought it was pretty cool. Girl’s power written all over it. I particularly think it has a good message for girls and guys all together.

As for the dance: who is not dancing to it? Who is not copying the cute members who are driving everyone nuts with this particular song. Don’t you want to jump? Or “Pa Pa Pa Pa” all day long?

9.5/10. REALLY GOOD!!! ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR!!!! As for the questions in this review: 1/10. 😦


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