MaMaMa – Tasty


Tasty is finally back with a brand new song,which in my point of view is 10 times better then their debut song. Tasty debuted last year with You Know Me (which I never reviewed, because I hated the song so much). This time around, nearly a year later, they came back with a new song called MaMaMa, which sounds amazing. Add Spectacular to the song, and you got a really cool medley. I totally find this song amazing and obviously, you should as well. Released only two weeks ago, this song has wowed fans with what this duo can do.

The song is really well done. I love it much more than their debut song. However, it is rather short. Like too short. They should’ve made this song a good 3 minutes, not the 2 and a half minutes and little extra. I must applaud Infinite H for contributing to the production of the song. Probably, the best song released this year so far. Well, one of the best. Seriously, I love the instrumental and the lyrics. Oh the lyrics talk about how a guy wishes time does not pass (or instead he could just tell his girl to not look at the clock) because we wants to send so much time with the girl. Actually, to be honest, despite it being a short song, I thought they would not have repeated the same line for 3/4 of the song. The line in question is: “Ttan nom chyeodaboji ma AM PM sigye chyeodaboji ma (Don’t look at other guys, AM PM, don’t look at the clock)”. Quite disappointed with that. I do, also like the breakdown dance part of the song. It gives the song that more uplifting feel to the song, which I like a lot. 

The music video was okay, Not the best out there, but still pretty good. However some parts were kind of confusing. Firstly, lets take member A, who is standing with his girl next to his car, and member B walks past. Member A all of a sudden starts staring at this brother like he is after him or something. It looked creepy and not the look that I would give another man (let alone my own brother) if they were staring at my girl. Also, I do apologize about the lack of names in this review. They are twins, if you have not notice and really, it is so hard to tell them apart. That dance breakdown part, where the members and then the girl all start clapping together. Cute, but it did not fit the feel of the song or the video. I like the monotone set which they went for this time, with that streak of bright pink. 

The dance is pretty cool I love the “AM PM” part, because it depicts the clock and also adds more to the song. Oh the literal meaning that I take from things. Seriously, this is a really cool dance and showed new and old fans what this duo is all about. It shows off a style in which many boy bands in KPOP don’t really show that well. 

8/10. Pretty cool. Loving it much more than Spectrum. So what do you think? Should this song be lengthen or should it just stay the same length????

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