Coup D’etat – G-Dragon (Big Bang)


The leader of Big Bang is back with this second album, Coup D’etat. One of the title songs used from this album is Coup D’etat. As you can see this song is exactly the albums name and also the focus on today’s review. After a successful run of promotions last year with his singles Crayon, That XX and One Of A Kind ; and Seungri’s Gotta Talk To You, he is back to rock the stage with his new songs. With this, Taeyang  will soon be having his comeback and Big Bang had just announced that they will be returning in October with a new single. Looks like YG will be very busy when it comes to the end of the year.

The song is quite boring. Honestly, I don’t think this song should be receiving the attention it is getting. There are much better songs out there at the moment, that deserve the level attention that this song is getting.  On top of that, I found the song quite unappealing. I listened to it once, never actually ever touched it again. It is lacking quite a bit and really does not live up to its standard that Crayon had set. It does mildly epic for a small amount of time. Okay, I am not a big fan of hip hop, but this song is rather slow and disappointing. Also that part where he incorporates part of Crayon into the song, seems like he borrowed off a successful song and just carried it over. This rapping skills in this song aren’t that great compared to much better song Crooked.

As for the music video, YG always does best to mash up a whole heap of different scenes that make no sense whatsoever. I get some bits with the gun wound part, the laundry house scene (which looks quite like a kitchen to me) as their are direct references to the song. But the scenes where he is a ninja at the end and the scene with him taking off his mask, kind of confused me a little bit. Maybe I am not looking into it hard enough, but it really throws me off. Oh and where are the controversies with his “taking the mask off his face” scene? Usually there would’ve been a lot of criticisms about that, but where have they gone. He uploaded a picture once like that, which made people angry. So where are those angry people?

The dance, yeah, not as great and energetic as Crayon. And what is with YG or G-Dragon’s favourite thing about his backup dancers? The faces are so not covered in this performance (Note Sarcasm was used here). I am just watching MNET’s performance, and there seemed to be inefficient lighting. Planned or a mistake made by the broadcaster, but it looks like G Dragon relied on the candles in front him. And what was the final scene for? Kind of scary though. Hahahahahaha…. G Dragon, why do you always give me nightmares?

1/10. Mildly better that CL’s song though, but still not appealing and I am very disappointing.

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