Stupid In Love – Mad Clown ft. Soyu (Sistar)


Mad Clown recently signed with Starship-X entertainment, the sub label company of Starship Entertainment which houses Sistar, K.Will and Boyfriend. He collaborated and debuted with Stupid In Love, with Sistar’s Soyu featuring in the song. Now I am not sure about Mad Clown too much, but I think he was on that rapping show awhile back or something. Not really that sure about the whole thing. Anyway, the song itself recorded an all kill on the day of its release, proving to be a big hit. It too has been nominated over and over again to be first place on the weekly music shows, but have fallen short to G Dragon and Kara. However, they are still proving to be a hit, as it is still one of the hottest songs to come out so far.

As soon as I heard the song, I was totally amazed. The rapper did a really good job showing how much effort and emotion he can put into the song through his rapping. It was powerful and by far one of the best male rappers I have heard since starting out with KPOP. Soyu as well did a splendid job with her vocals and sounded really, really amazing. Honestly, I would did any song that these two will do in the future, together. I am glad that they did not put in Hyorin into this song, as I find that sometimes her voice is too powerful and may conflict with the song. The lyrics were also quite sad. They talked about how a couple feels when their love is about to end. So beautiful, so sad.

There really isn’t any music video, except for something that lasts like less than a 1 minute However, I find the complexity of the music video fits the song. It is not simple as the two are on a white background with black and white lighting, making the whole thing look pretty cool. However, the I am not too sure about the crow outfit that Soyu was wearing. Kind of looked creepy. Hey Soyu, that the perfect costume to wear for Halloween, which is a little over a month away.

The only complaint I am gonna make with the performance is that the two have very expressionless faces on when they are singing. Like no emotion. They guy seems too hard to remember the lyrics, so he probably forgot about his face, but Soyu? She literally sings the same set of lyrics twice in the song.

9.5/10. Really amazing. Will love more from this duo.

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