Number 9 – T-Ara


T-Ara has finally made their 6 member comeback after a little over a year of trouble. First, it was Hwayoung who was kicked out the group, and this happened mid last year. After that Ahreum was removed from the group after shocking rumours earlier this year. Now, the only members of the group are Eunjung, Qri, Soyeon, Jiyeon, Boram and Hyomin (the original 6 members) . And I think fans are liking the line-up now. Hwayoung’s addition to the group did not cause that much trouble, however with Ahreum’s and the potential debut of Dani in the group annoyed fans. It seems like CCM has finally worked out their mistake and despite covering up, we know they are scrapped their plan and working from square one. T-Ara’s comeback is well received, doing very well on the charts, reaching up to second place on charts, behind IU.

The song is another amazing song. I love the western mashup with pop style. It is unique and sounds really awesome. Not sure about the upbeat parts after the “Ooooo~” parts at the start, but they have their charm. I love the different parts to the song, as though they seems to be mish mash of mistaken identity, however a combination of glory. Yes, GLORY!!!! The chorus was also amazing as well. I really love the vocals and the rapping in the song. Especially Boram’s voice in this song. It sound much better than normal and it is a pity that she only got like one part, The only thing I dislike in the song is the “I’m headache” part, just before the rap. Ummm…. Your headache? Engrish to the max here. But beside that, It is really cool song. I also like the club version of the song. It is just the instrumental changed around a little bit and sounds pretty cool.

As for the music video, I find it okay. Not the best T-Ara music video, but I love the change from those mini two parts movies to the normal standard music video length. Those sets where they dance are pretty amazing and I really like the close-up shots. However, I find those excessive flashing lights pretty annoying. They are like in most of the video and throughout all of the video. And what is with this weird obsession with the bathtub in the middle of the room. Last time that happened, it was in Teen Top’s To You! There is also something troubling about breaking up for me. I have never been in a relationship before, but I am quite sure you don’t rip paper with your mouth or sleep in a bathtub that is in the middle of the room.  No, it is just me? Oh okay, then. But, it is lovely video.

As for the dance, I love the chorus bit. So cool! And the dance at the rapping, was so cool. But I am not sure about the dance during the instrumental part here it sounds like you’re at a club and the bridge. The girls falling to their knees on the floor, does not like great. It seems like they’re begging their hated lover to come back or something.

8.5/10. Pretty amazing and is uplifting to see such a great comeback after a rough year in the industry. T-Ara Hwaiting~!



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