Everybody – SHINee

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SHINee has finally returned with their first mini album of the year. After successful promotions of Dream Girl and Why So Serious?, the band has returned with a new modern concept, showcasing their skill and and cool choreography.  It is also the first promotions for Jonghyun, who only took part in the last week of promotions for Why So Serious. I would like to take some time to talk about something. Usually, SHINee does not promote 3 times in a year, but I think SMent is now scared that EXO would take over the company. To those who think it is not a big deal, I think SM released that despite it is great for rookie bands to become top and whatnot, bands that SM do care about and gain a lot of profit from (such as Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, TVXQ and F(x)), SM may become like what JYP is at the moment. JYP is literally now dependant on 2PM for profits, earning 60% or something like that worth of profit for the company. Basically if that was to happen to SMent, it i would not only mean the downfall of the giant company, but also the possibility disbandment for the other groups, who basically “lived through their prime”. And that, my friends is the analysis of what I think SM is doing, that or they are just profit hungry people.

The song is not that great. I love the idea of dubstep and the “complextro” theme, but this song is really not that great as expected. Putting this song up against T-Ara’s Number 9, IU’s Red Shoes, Busker Busker’s Love, At First or even EXO’s Growl which is still growing strong at the moment, this song would probably come last. It is different to the usual pop, hip hop style songs that we hear. But I find the song not as strong. As many of you guys know, I tend to complain about the amount of lines that “visuals” and all of that get, for example Sistar where 70% of the song belongs to Hyorin, and rest of the song goes out to Dasom, Soyu and Bora. Here, it seems like most of focus is on Taemin. Both on stage and the vocals seems to be mostly Taemin. Now, I am sure that the main or lead vocals are Jonghyun and Onew, but Taemin just randomly came through and took over the song. But beside that, the song is pretty okay. Not sure about the “whubb, whubb” part of the song, but I guess they do. And the 10 high notes towards the end is pretty cool, but may be a little excessive.

As for the music video, the video is pretty okay. Not the best video out there, but it does its job. That masked dude at the start, that was kind of scary and it seems like the company is reusing the same wiring used for the microphone stands and the set of F(x)’s Electric Shock. Not sure about the chess pieces and a shirtless Taemin, but I think the music video is pretty cool. Honestly, the music video set seems to come out of Japan or something, I have never seen anything like this in KPOP that is that big or large. Again, not sure about the coloured lense that Taemin is wearing or Key’s long hair in this video.

Now, I know the dance was choreographed by an American, and hence there was this american feel to the dance.  It seems like the guys had fun at parts, but also was tired as hell at other parts, But the dance was amazing. I loved the end part where Onew is like spinning his arms like crazy. And also the start where they all get up, was pretty cool as well. Not entirely sure about the legs splitting, because last time Taemin did something like that, his pants ripped. Also, the guys look like those little army men toys, with their outfits on and at some parts of the dance, like that scene after the second chorus (1:51).

Really, don’t know what to give this song. I liked the dance, music video was standard, but the song did not stand out for me. I guess, I give a 6.5/10. But hey, thats my idea of the song. But what is your idea? What song do like better? Dream Girl? Why So Serious? Everybody? Or maybe another song?

3 thoughts on “Everybody – SHINee

  1. I dislike the fact that you mention several other bands during a SHINee video review. I think that the song is great and that the guys from SHINee have worked their butts off this year. You should comment on the video and song and leave their company and other companies out if your negative comments. If it has an American feel to it, so what. I am an American and I love SHINee. I laugh at your comment that EXO will take over the company. Please….that is ludicrous. I do not know that much about EXO but dare say they are no where near the level of SHINee. SHINee is by far the superior group in kpop, surpassing all others in my opinion. So, when commenting on a MV just stick to the video and the guys performing and leave all of the nasty politics out of it. And just enjoy the hard work these lovely and talented guys have put into the effort. Why must you bring up the ripped pants problem? Why are you critical of Taemin singing more parts? Why aren’t you praising the obvious…..Jonghyun can sing, Taemin can sing, Onew can really sing well, Key can sing and Minho can do more than rap and that is SING. These boys are multitalented. They can sing, dance, speak several languages, play multiple instruments, act, model, be on variety shows, the list goes on and on. I think all of this plus their raw talent should be mentioned with every review. You don’t have to like SHINee but I DO. So I am uncomfortable with your reviews and may stop receiving them! AND THAT IS MY REVIEW OF YOUR REVIEW.


    1. Thank you for your feedback. Sometimes I get a little wild. Hahahaha… I agree with you, the members can all sing very well, as proven in Symptoms. I love many of their songs and they are really good group, but it seems like the company is a little confused with what to do with the band now that EXO has literally taken over the company (for now that is). But I will take every single comment you made on board and leave out the politics.


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