Guns – Nine Muses


Nine Muses recently made their comeback with their first album since debut. There title song, Guns, is apparently an addicting track for females. As a male, I don’t find this video or song that great, but that may be my judgement of the song. But it has been a great experience to see the band grow. I did not like their debut, but ever since they came back with Ticket, the band has been doing really well. A bigger fanbase and better performance on the charts.

Guns is a song about how cowardly a guy is acting towards his crush, to the point where the girls can tell that he likes them. Interesting storyline in the song, but honestly where does “Guns” come into this video? I am a little confused. This song is really not the best song by the girls. Wild was a much better song and I think this is just a letdown. I feel like the instrumental took over the vocals and competed with the vocals too much in this song. The rapper is really strong, I must say and also the chorus is mildly catchy. I am not just sure if the song as a whole is the right choice. I did like the cowboy/girl feel to it, and I guess that is where the “Guns” come into play.

The music video is very deserted. Like seriously, there is nobody on that stretch of desert land! And what petrol station is built right next to a mining place?  There are a few more things that I am totally unsure about. The girls really do seem to be “showing” off their body. Not sure if they are trying to tease the poor guy or if it is just for the music video, but really? Girls posing like that while fixing a car, really is not ideal and really stereotypical. It seems like the guys is shy at frist, but he slowly builds up courage to ask her out. And then she just walks off? Does that mean the girls were playing with with all along? And also it seems like the girls have returned to their modelling days, because it seems like they are modelling a lot of different fashion here in this video. But beside that, I feel quite neutral about the music video. Not as confused as with the song, but the video definitely is much better than the song,

It is really a pity that the station decided to just cut all of their performances during the first week of promotions. They should at least allow all bands to perform a full song during their comeback week right? But returning to the video, the dance is okay. I love the use of chairs. Where some of the girls stand up and sit down at different parts of the video. But, the performance was so short. However for the one I have linked in the playlist below, I feel like the one colour theme does not suit them. They do well with green on all of them, but it does not look right for this performance.

I have to say 4/10. Not that great for a comeback in my opinion, but it still has its good points.

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