Day By Day – MYNAME ft. D.O


MYNAME recently made their comeback with another song this year, being their third song already. MYNAME has opted for a more mature and more softer look this time around, giving up that cool and extreme choreography that they have built for their name. This time around though, they enlisted the help of D.O, a rapper, not the D.O most of us are familiar about. It was like that Suho guy, who got mistaken for Suho. That was rude of me. MYNAME comes out with really great songs, this being one of them.  Oh also, they are making their Japanese comeback, literally right after prompting this song, which is quite scary.

The song has that really sad and depressing Autumn feel to it, where every other Autumn song has the same feel. The song is quite warming and different to many over songs in the industry at the moment. I have to praise the rapper, D.O. His rapping voice fits the song really well. Even though it is autotuned, like the chorus in this, it sounds really cool, giving it that modern feel to it. The band seemed to have focused more on the vocal side this time around, not focusing much on the instrumental. The chorus is pretty catchy, after listening to the song, I can still hear “Oh Day By Day“. The really soft instrumental sound really good with the guitar and use of the drums. This is sounds like your typical song, it starts off slow and then reaches the climax, and then eases off to the end.

This music video is awesome!!!!! I love the different effects of this music video. Where the use of the one member in like 4 different positions in one frame. Basically a really unique video. I love how the camera moves from left to right and the member which is the camera has focused on would walk and fade in and out of the music video. I just want to know how many takes this video took, because to make something like that for approximately 4 minutes must have taken a lot of effort. And also the editing! Okay, my geek fest is over. I really liked it how they used the same set throughout the video, but basically made it like a large circle. I guess the highlight for this comeback is the music video and the use of the fading effect. Hahahaha… But really unique video.

The dance is great as well. Maybe I think the guys took it down a little too much, but the dance matches the softness of the song really well. There are no sharp movements or jagged parts to the video that you would expect in a more poppish song. The dance is smooth and passionate.

8/10. Pretty cool comeback. Softer than usual but equally as effective.

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