[Double Review] +DONE161201+ & +REWIND170205+ – CL

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CL makes her grand comeback to the industry with the release of +DONE161201+ and +REWIND170205+ yesterday. This is CL’s first comeback since leaving YG Entertainment last month and since the release of Hello Bitches in 2015. The two songs the former member of 2NE1 released yesterday consisted of two dates, which signify when they were completed. These two are also the first two of a series (In The Name Of Love) of track that will be released by CL herself in the coming weeks, though we don’t know when the next ones will be drop yet.

Both DONE and REWIND do not follow what CL released as a solo artist under YG Entertainment. They don’t take on board any hip-hop influences or sounds. Instead, the two track sounds more like pop tracks. They are good songs, reminding me of CL’s rough voice (which has definitely been absent from my playlist for some time). And both tracks a lot better than CL’s solo debut track (which I reviewed once and have never gone back to listen to it) DONE features an instrumental with an interesting hard vibrating synth. It plays throughout background and is an odd choice for a sentimental track. But it works relatively well, especially when CL starts rapping. I also liked the melodic touch the chorus had, which the synths also paired well with. Her voice is great in this song. REWIND is similar but it feels a little more weighed down and the instrumental feels more straightforward, going with a simpler, typical and less memorable mix. This results in a song that is quite bland. But I really liked the melodic flow of the chorus and her rapping seemed to have a better kick to it, then in the previous song.

It is often hard to judge videos of this kind. Obviously CL uses both videos to reflect upon the past 10 years, so it would be cruel to which is better or how they are flawed (if they are). So I will briefly run through what they had instead of laying down any judgement. REWIND is simply a collage of pictures throughout CL’s career, put together to ‘look forward to the future’. DONE features a lot of CL’s friends, lipsyncing to the song and is shown in a phone format (and felt like an advertisement for an Apple phone). Some familiar faces include Taeyang, Lee Hi, Park Bom, Minzy and Dara (though I might have missed some myself).

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

Daddy – Psy ft. CL (2NE1)

This is the second part of Psy’s comeback, with Daddy. This song, I think, is meant to embrace the international audience that fell in love with Gangnam Style and Gentlemen. Why I think that, well the song is a better mixture of English and Korean, compared to Napal Baji. CL also features in this track, and while her part is very limited, I actually liked her vocals in this song. More than Psy’s vocals in this song. Yeah, Daddy really did not appeal to me. It had that American feel, but overall the song fell quite short in comparison to Napal Baji. Call me hypocritical, but I feel like this song has a little too much electronic components and Psy’s vocals (in some parts) had excessive autotune. The very simple chorus, is once again the hook of the song, and it really did reel me in. Maybe because the sound of the song has been Americanized quite a bit, I am not feeling the song overall. However it is still a nice song to listen to.  Quite catchy as well.

The music video was interesting and I personally think I enjoyed it to a certain level. It is not that I am disappointed in it, but it felt too complex for Psy. If that makes sense. Yeah, it had that wild element and also the crazies, but it just felt that too much detail was placed into the video. Maybe I am going crazy with these reviews. Hahaha.. But seriously, baby Psy is ummm… creepy. I don’t want a baby winking at me. I absolutely love the school scenes where he is like the ultimate flower boy or hot school jock that everyone is blown away by. The girls acting in this make me laugh so hard. I also love the scenes where he attempts to woo the teacher. I don’t know why by Spanish dance teacher Psy suits his image a lot. The other scene I totally love was the tornado scene. Beside, the grandfather version of Psy was not that great, kind of looked creepy. The one thing I feel like this music video can do without though is CL’s appearance. I personally don’t understand the point of putting someone in the video or on the stage for around 5 seconds, and have them walk off right after.

I feel like the dance for this song suits it 100% and suits Psy 100%. It is simple and easy to follow and it matches the beat of the song. Per usual, Psy looks ridiculous dancing, but he genuinely looks happy about it. If I were to review the dance only, I personally give it a 10/10.

Daddy falls short a tiny bit. Napal Baji was my favourite this time around. 8/10

Which Psy song did you like this time around? Pick below!!!

Happy – 2NE1

Source: http://dontevertellaseoul.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/2ne1-happy.jpg?w=855

2NE1 recently made their comeback and along with their title track. released another music video for one of their other songs other than their title track, Come Back Home, for Happy. And if they did not release the video, I probably never knew that the song ever existed. On top of that, I am rather confused. Why did they create a music video for a song that they are not going to promote, while the second song they are going to promote, has no music video??? Confusing hey? Now onto something more serious. I am back. This review was meant to be released prior to my little break, but school got a little out of hand (and when I say that, I mean I got a lot of major tests 1 one week). But now it is over and i am starting my Easter holidays as soon as tomorrow night, so I am back and ready to churn out reviews of songs that I have missed out.

This song sucks. Okay, it has this happy feel with it, which is great, but this song has this “Falling In Love” feel to it, which I actually grew to hate. Come Back Home seemed more of a serious track and all their other songs on the album had the seriousness feel to it. Whereas for this track, it just gleams off happiness. There was nothing there is appeal to me and the song just did not give off that 2NE1 feeling we all want. Though, I admit the song makes me smile, I just don’t feel it like the rest of their other songs. Maybe because I am the type of person who is happy when everyone else is sad. Yeah, I live off people’s sadness! That was mighty rude of me. I guess this is 2NE1’s attempt of being cute, without being criticised for being a exaggerated puppy who is rolling around in toilet paper. The song, for me could have been much better if there was that more impact which gives more of a 2NE1 style to the song. So yeah, that is my take on the song.

The music video was a little too colourful. You can see the budget in Come Back Home and this video. The extra images that make the song more into a cutesy video kind of ruined the video for me. After watching it, I feel like they were trying a little too hard to fit the image of the song. I guess the sunny background does not really fit in with what I love 2NE1 for. Thier colthing and stuff looks awesome. Beside Dara’s hair. We need to fix that. Taeyang called and he wants his sushi rolls back. And didn’t Minzy have her hair dyed and short like that a pretty long time ago? I am talking about the blue or purple short hair. Which reminds me I need a haircut, but anyway. Once again the video was not that entirely great.

I think overall it is safe to say that I did not sit well if the song. Just didn’t feel the 2NE1 feel that I love and like. Such a pity. Come Back Home was pretty good. I was also meant to say this age ago, but the comeback that you guys liked the most out of 2NE1 or SNSD goes to 2NE1. Overwhelming support for this quartet. But still SNSD, you guys had a good comeback as well! 1/10

Come Back Home – 2NE1

Source: http://cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_large/hash/b1/49/b1493acb42940757393b0c157c84e166.jpg?itok=IDM0SQH0

2NE1 is back with a brand new song that has everyone talking. The group is finally back and it seems to be rivalling the rival group’s song. Bam, the KPOP industry has just been transformed into a KPOP Hunger Games Arena, where group after group is being slaughtered for the top position. After what seemed to an unsuccessful year for the band, mainly Falling In Love and Do You Love Me doing poorly on the charts, the 4 member hip hop girl group is back to re-shine as the top girl group of South Korea. I checked the Gaon charts last night and every single 2NE1 song is up there, whereas SNSD only has like 2 songs. So I see that the girls have finally reminded Korea of the badass group we all have been waiting for.

This song is pretty good. Much better than Falling In Love and Do You Love Me, which all have been viewed as a flop. This song however, brings the bands back to their I Am The Best and Lonely days. Well, maybe the song is not too the same standard but the feel of the song matches that era really well. I like the song and think it is totally amazing. There is one part of the song that did and always will make me cringe. The song was great. The chorus was awesome and then that one bit that made me want to turn my speakers off and cry in a corner. The ‘Come baby, baby, come”, part which was so terrible. Literally the worst part fo the song. If that part was taken out, then the song would have been the best song ever, but no, the group added something extra which may have made or break the song. The really cool instrumental which made it a softer song, however O feel the build-up and the vocals made the song into a really powerful song. The rapping in the song from CL was really cool. But overall, a pretty cool song.

The music video. Hahahahaha… It was reported that YG Entertainment blew their budget with the editing for this video, but seriously, I really like the video. The sets were awesome and it was totally something different from what we see normally in KPOP. The music video has some kind of a plot involving a real world and a virtual world, where in the real world, the girls were happy and all, but when their lover becomes lost in the other world, they seek to find him through rebelling to be able to achieve what their goal was. I just wish to direct you all to one scene in the whole video. Did 2NE1 gate crashed and literally slaughter everyone? Cause it looked a lot like that. 2NE1 is finally back. The visual effects are pretty full on in this video but I am not really happy with Dara’s solo prescene, particularity the “come back home” part of the song (The one that made me cringe). Honestly that looks like they are trying too hard and it does not fit the group’s traditional feel.

The dance is okay. Nothing that major which would make it song cool, but it looked awesome overall.

8/10. The girls are back and they are ready to live up to their name they established for themselves in 2011 with I Am The Best and Lonely. Hope they get to redeem themselves and win an award!!! My question which would probably cost my life would be:

Missing You – 2NE1

2NE1 is back with their long awaited comeback single. It seems like 2013 is not 2NE1’s year. In fact, YG’s year at all. After what many deemed as mega flops, the band is finally comeback with yet another song going in a totally different direction. They made their comeback through the MAMA earlier this month and since made their comeback onto the stage on the weekly music shows, also winning awards for this song, much mroe than what they have won altogether in the year.

I love this song. 2NE1 always have these cool, hardcore pop songs that want to get you up and dance. Never do we get a song that shows off the vocal ability of each member. This song however does just that. This ballad sounds so amazing and the emotion (in the voices, not in the presentation of the members). I particularly love the chorus and the “Geuriwohaeyo” part is really catchy. This song by far is the best song released by 2NE1 this year. The only complaint with this song is it is quite sad. Too sad in fact for me. And I was not really sure with the sudden change in the instrumental after the first chorus. They made the ballad into a poppy song which did ruin the sadness of the song. But I felt that the song needed more of something to make it less sad. I don’t know why i am complaining anyway. Both would cancel each other out anyway.

The music video is quite interesting. I like it. Not the best music video out there, but it really carries the emotion that the song has. The lighting of the music video fits really well. Also feel that when the members just are sitting around doing nothing fits the video and feel of the song quite well. Not sure about CL lying on that big XXI. I also did enjoy the dancer. he made a pretty good contribution to the video, giving it that more interesting zest to it. CL’s body is amazing. Not perving on her or anything…. Major complaint here, but Park Bom’s face. Nothing wrong with the face, but it looks droopy. All I see is her mouth moving. Beside that, the face just looks like blank. While the other members are sad and miserable, Bom is just … No wonder she is not an actor.

The performance is just them standing around singing and no dancing. Fits the song perfectly. At least they did not put in a dance that would’ve ruined the whole song.

8.5/10. Pretty good comeback. Better than Do You Love Me?, Baddest Female and Falling In Love by miles.

Do You Love Me? – 2NE1

Source: http://cdn.popdust.com//wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2NE1-Falling-In-Love-Feature1.jpg

2NE1 has made their comeback with a new song after their release of Falling In Love and they have been keeping to their schedule of releasing a song every month. Last month we saw a more feminine side of the band with their reggae themed song, Falling In Love. This time around we got a dance heavy track, which is bound to make you guys all jump (not as much as Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar). Hands up if you got that!!!! Hahahahaha…. That is me being weird. Honestly the song has not been performing as well on the charts as many has been expecting, rising and then dropping quite quickly. Do You Love Me only won one award so far, but still is not dropping as quickly as many antis expected.

The song is much more poppish and dancey compared to Falling In Love. It is a song that you would find at a club and many people dancing to it. I love the very start of the song. with that swaying like instrumental. I have to admit though, the bass was a little too much in the song. When CL starts singing, I basically fell in love with the song. The chorus is quite the let down in the song, which sounded awkward. Do You Love Me was repeated like a million times in the song to the point where it got a little annoying. Bom’s part were quite lacking, living up to her standards as the artist who has the worst control with her voice. Dara, finally has a song where she is not autotuned. I also love the ending of the song where everything goes all quiet for a second and bang, they launch back right into the song. Not like I Am The Best, that the company had compared it too, but still a pretty cool song.

The music video was quite horrible. I understand the the whole point that the band had a tight schedule and did not have enough time to shoot a full scale music video to impress their fan, but this music video was quite horribly done. I would’ve honestly just delayed the comeback. Like, a “home made video” for something that is meant to captivate fans? I applaud YG for doing something different, but he should’ve known that there were going to be more cons for this than pros. I also hate that filter to give that more antique look. That or the company needs to invest in a more in a much better camera. You are meant to be a dance song, not something I would find in the 1930’s.

The dance is still pretty feminine. Still good however. I love the start. But it does not carry that 2NE1 feel that we all want from the band. Quite disappointed, but still pretty cool.

6/10. Yeah, song was great. Music video and dance not that great. My question to you is: which 2NE1 song did you like more? Falling In Love or Do You Love Me? Answer in the poll below.

Falling In Love – 2NE1

Source: http://www.soompi.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/2ne1-falling.png

2NE1 has finally made their long 1 year return with a brand new style and song, Falling In Love. Shedding their dominant and 2NE1 style we all know the band for, they have changed to a more feminine and more loving style. However, I beg to differ. I find the song still has that 2NE1 feel to it, despite it being “different”. I was, too shocked, with their change though. It was quite sudden. I swear, they will lose a fan, if they do the cute style. Just a warning. They also just today, “Very 2NE1” for their August single. Now that plans have been confirmed, you will be expecting a review.

As for the song, let’s begin at the begin. That “Yap Yap Yap” note at the start was not needed at all. Basically, I was appalled with the start of the song. After that, I basically enjoyed the song. I was not disappointed, like how everyone else is. “Touch Me Over Here, Touch me Over There” did seem a bit dirty at the start, which really did seem weird. The start was amazing and the instrumental was pretty cool. Reggae and different. CL’s rap was much better than her solo debut, Baddest Girls, which I was really happy about. Park Bom and Minzy’s vocals were pretty cool as well. As for Dara, too much autotune. Really disappointed. The song itself, was really catchy. Well, it took me a few listens to get into the feel of the song, but I got there. Basically, the girls made me “Fall In  Love” with the song. As for touching them over here and touching them over thereOverall, actually satisfied with the outcome of the new style and song.

The music video was really lame. Like, it lacked everything that a 2NE1 video contains. Where are the really extreme horns and hairstyles? Where are the bats that break glass? Where is the angry faces and big sets that we all love the band for? You see, after a group creates a style, they should stay with it. If they are confident with changing styles, they have to be 150% sure that they will be okay, because if they don’t it could mean the downfall for the band. The music video was very summery, however the beach set looked fake as a photographer’s studio. The amount of gold (or items painted as gold) was over the top in the video. The video, too had, this mythological feel to it. It seem ancient Greek with the costumes the people were wearing. which looked really “unnatural”. 2NE1’s acting in the video really does suck. It seems forceful and really unnatural as well. However, I was really satisfied with the summer feel the video has and the solo shots throughout the video. They really seem to fit the band’s style. Overall, I was quite disappointed in the video, but felt it did fit the song. 

The dance is really summery and really feminine. It really does not look that good on its own, but does suit the song and the music video. There are none of the “slutty” dances that many of us see nowadays in this comeback, which really makes the dance that extra memorable. 

6/10. Song, music video and dance was okay, but the whole comeback was quite disappointing. It could’ve been much better. Let’s hope “Very 2NE1” is “Very 2NE1”. 

The Baddest Female – CL (2NE1)

Source: http://cdn.idolator.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/28/cl-baddest-female-video-600×337.jpg

CL, the known leader of the very popular band, 2NE1, recently made her solo debut, releasing her mini album on the 28th of May 2013. Though there have been positive feedback, there is always negative feedback. People blamed her for copying Lee Hyori title track, as both songs were titled as “Bad Girls”. CL then was forced to change her title to “The Baddest Female”. Also, not many Blackjacks like the song as I have thought. I too, don’t really like this song. Before this review, I have only listened to it once and I have not touched the link on YouTube for it ever again. Now, that I have to force myself here to listen to it once again just for a review. Hahahaha. Only joking.

The song is awful. To me, that is. There is really no bit in this song that I like. It is the hip hop genre, but how she sang the song, how rapped here, was not the best. Hell, it was not good at all. I don’t like the beat, I don’t like her raps. I don’t like her vocals. I don’t like anything in this song. This si basically a mashed up version of GD’s songs and transformed the mashed up version for a female to sing. The lyrics itself is quite annoying. The “Eonniya~ (woh!) eonni eonni eonni hey~” was the part where I cringed the most in the whole song. The dubstep addition did not make the song nay better. The ending did not fit the start of the song, where it seems the producer got real lazy and made CL record two different versions of the song. Then he (or she) just copied the start of one song and copied the second half of the other and add some horrible effects to make the song sound “good”. To make sure you guys know how bad this song is (to me), I feel quite uncomfortable typing this out here right now, with the song itself. I like YG Entertainment, but this is by far the worst YG song I have ever heard.

The music video looks a lot like GD’s music video. It weird and quirky. Mostly, it is different. But don’t they get a bit tired of making the same thing over and over again. I am quite tired of this randomness that YG enjoy getting into. It is a thing that YG has built and created for someone like G Dragon. CL’s take on this is uncomfortable and weird. It not normal. YG just has to find his singer’s thing when it comes to style. He did it well with Big Bang, Psy, Gummy, 2NE1 even solo artists a part of the bands: G Dragon, Taeyang, Park Bom etc. But beside that I am disappointed with the music video. The amount of gangsters in this video is astounding. I last time I saw this many gangsters is …. actually … never. Awkward. But beside that, more disappointment.

The dance is not good either. Sorry, CL, you flopped in my point of view. Congrats on your award though?

0/10. Did not like anything associated with this solo debut. Hopefully, 2NE1’s comeback right after will be better.