Lonely Christmas – Crayon Pop

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Crayon Pop is finally back with a brand new single. This is their latest songs after the never ending promotions of Bar Bar Bar, the hottest track of 2013, which earned them their first ever award. Lonely Christmas is the upgraded version of Bar Bar Bar which is expected to become the next trend. And it seems that it is going that way. And don’t you worry. I remember them ranking poorly in the first few weeks of their promotions, but slowly getting higher. I have to say they look extremely cute in this comeback and it seems like people are going a little too far to undermine these girls by saying that every song they come out is plagiarise.

The teaser did not sound as great, despite it was the chorus. But as soon as I started to listen to it, I found that the song was indeed catchy. They probably can get a repeat of success like in Bar Bar Bar. But on that topic, sadly, I don’t think the girls will be able to get rid of their Bar Bar Bar image, as they used a section of the song in this song. Kind of annoying. But I loved the chorus. “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Hey!” Hella catchy. Okay, I have to admit it, the girls cannot sing. Well, live. Too much autotune is used in this to show their fans their vocal talent. Am I also the person who thought this song was too short? I did like the solo moment that one member had, after the second chorus. As you can tell, I cannot learn names.

The music video is hella cute. Like come on. After seeing the video and hearing the song, I am sure you all smiled. Or am I just joining the Crayon Pop craze. Not, but it seriously cute. Not too the point where I was screaming at the screen when the member in charged of filming stuffed up big time. I am sorry, but I am going to go on about the level of the cuteness. Mainly because there is nothing to speak about in this video. Like nothing. They probably used the same set where they filmed Bar Bar Bar , but instead added a little background touch to it, to make it look “different”. And I love the back was perfectly made and stuff. Just a letter was missing and a triangle as well. So cheesy.

The dance is so cute as well. Who has their hand moving and legs wobbling when they hear this song? I do!!! Not, but it looks really cool. And catchy.

World trend again? We will soon see, but it seems like the girls are going that way. 9/10.

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS POST ON MY PAGE. THANKS AGAIN!!! Crayon Pop has been nominated for two categories: Rising Star Of The Year and Best Dance. Cause they deserve it, you know?

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