The Queens of KPOP is finally back. Girl’s Generation is back on the stage after a year to promote their newest song, Mr.Mr! Their last title track promotion was for I Got A Boy which topped charts instantly and it seems like this song is going to follow suit. But wait, is their rivals coming out? 2NE1?? Oh my! Slaughtering fans in 2014… Anyway, it seems like every song they are going to do will be an instant hit. Regardless of how bad the song is, these girls have established a household name in Korea and probably in many other countries around the world. Hence why they are dubbed as the Queens of Kpop. Yep, because they are the royalties of the industry. I am not sure of their companies plan to promote 4600956320 bands at once. SNSD made their comeback the same week TVXQ started to promote their repackaged album, SM The Ballad recently returned with new faces and next week the new subunit with Key and Woohyun kind of sounds excessive right??? No?? Yes??

I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! End of story, end of review. We shall all go home now. No, I kid about the review ending. This song is amazingly awesome. This is the song we all wanted ever since The Boys came out. And it seems like The Boys did come out in the end. Everything (well, beside Sunny’s and the other members autotune part before the chorus) sounded really good and catchy. That part with Sunny and stuff sound so whiny and awkward in the whole song. Honestly, that part should have been taken out of the song. Also Hyoyeon did not even get a single part, except for the lead dancer… Kind of mean right? The instrumental sounded so good and it really felt like a song that would have came out back in 2010 when KPOP was really good. But it sounded so freaking modern  as well. The vocals were really cool and the subtle raping during the chorus is really good. SNSD is back!!!

The music video is okay. I found the million filters placed on the video during editing was really excessive and annoying to watch. It felt like the camera did not focus as much on the members of what it was supposed to film. That guy is pretty creepy (and apparently is my age), especially how the girls sit with him, but he seems so distant from them. On top of that, was it really necessary for like everyone is take part in the surgery? Cause it looked like they were more captivated by his looks rather than the real reason why they were in the hospital theatre. But hands down, the sets for the dance and the amazing looks the girls donned in this video for the dancing scenes were freaking amazing. Best part of the video is when they were in that black and white filers with suits and really cool hats. Most amazing part of the whole video. I just loved it.

5-6 years after debut and the girls finally get male back up dancers. Though there really is nothing special about he dance in my point of view, it was still pretty good overall.

9/10. I have to agree, that this is probably be the best song released by the girls promoted on stage since 2010. Though, I should say this now, but there is quite a bombshell. Either today or Wednesday, the next review will be released. But for who??? Take a guess, it probably cost me this website and my KPOP listening friends. Hahahaha…

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