Come Back Home – 2NE1


2NE1 is back with a brand new song that has everyone talking. The group is finally back and it seems to be rivalling the rival group’s song. Bam, the KPOP industry has just been transformed into a KPOP Hunger Games Arena, where group after group is being slaughtered for the top position. After what seemed to an unsuccessful year for the band, mainly Falling In Love and Do You Love Me doing poorly on the charts, the 4 member hip hop girl group is back to re-shine as the top girl group of South Korea. I checked the Gaon charts last night and every single 2NE1 song is up there, whereas SNSD only has like 2 songs. So I see that the girls have finally reminded Korea of the badass group we all have been waiting for.

This song is pretty good. Much better than Falling In Love and Do You Love Me, which all have been viewed as a flop. This song however, brings the bands back to their I Am The Best and Lonely days. Well, maybe the song is not too the same standard but the feel of the song matches that era really well. I like the song and think it is totally amazing. There is one part of the song that did and always will make me cringe. The song was great. The chorus was awesome and then that one bit that made me want to turn my speakers off and cry in a corner. The ‘Come baby, baby, come”, part which was so terrible. Literally the worst part fo the song. If that part was taken out, then the song would have been the best song ever, but no, the group added something extra which may have made or break the song. The really cool instrumental which made it a softer song, however O feel the build-up and the vocals made the song into a really powerful song. The rapping in the song from CL was really cool. But overall, a pretty cool song.

The music video. Hahahahaha… It was reported that YG Entertainment blew their budget with the editing for this video, but seriously, I really like the video. The sets were awesome and it was totally something different from what we see normally in KPOP. The music video has some kind of a plot involving a real world and a virtual world, where in the real world, the girls were happy and all, but when their lover becomes lost in the other world, they seek to find him through rebelling to be able to achieve what their goal was. I just wish to direct you all to one scene in the whole video. Did 2NE1 gate crashed and literally slaughter everyone? Cause it looked a lot like that. 2NE1 is finally back. The visual effects are pretty full on in this video but I am not really happy with Dara’s solo prescene, particularity the “come back home” part of the song (The one that made me cringe). Honestly that looks like they are trying too hard and it does not fit the group’s traditional feel.

The dance is okay. Nothing that major which would make it song cool, but it looked awesome overall.

8/10. The girls are back and they are ready to live up to their name they established for themselves in 2011 with I Am The Best and Lonely. Hope they get to redeem themselves and win an award!!! My question which would probably cost my life would be:

2 thoughts on “Come Back Home – 2NE1

    1. I have been busy with school work so..LOL, I had to rewatch the live performances to make this comment, but I found their stages boring to watch. 2NE1, to me, is a very powerful group, but these performances lacked that. Not sure if it was the song or the dance, but the live itself was pretty boring.


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