Happy – 2NE1

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2NE1 recently made their comeback and along with their title track. released another music video for one of their other songs other than their title track, Come Back Home, for Happy. And if they did not release the video, I probably never knew that the song ever existed. On top of that, I am rather confused. Why did they create a music video for a song that they are not going to promote, while the second song they are going to promote, has no music video??? Confusing hey? Now onto something more serious. I am back. This review was meant to be released prior to my little break, but school got a little out of hand (and when I say that, I mean I got a lot of major tests 1 one week). But now it is over and i am starting my Easter holidays as soon as tomorrow night, so I am back and ready to churn out reviews of songs that I have missed out.

This song sucks. Okay, it has this happy feel with it, which is great, but this song has this “Falling In Love” feel to it, which I actually grew to hate. Come Back Home seemed more of a serious track and all their other songs on the album had the seriousness feel to it. Whereas for this track, it just gleams off happiness. There was nothing there is appeal to me and the song just did not give off that 2NE1 feeling we all want. Though, I admit the song makes me smile, I just don’t feel it like the rest of their other songs. Maybe because I am the type of person who is happy when everyone else is sad. Yeah, I live off people’s sadness! That was mighty rude of me. I guess this is 2NE1’s attempt of being cute, without being criticised for being a exaggerated puppy who is rolling around in toilet paper. The song, for me could have been much better if there was that more impact which gives more of a 2NE1 style to the song. So yeah, that is my take on the song.

The music video was a little too colourful. You can see the budget in Come Back Home and this video. The extra images that make the song more into a cutesy video kind of ruined the video for me. After watching it, I feel like they were trying a little too hard to fit the image of the song. I guess the sunny background does not really fit in with what I love 2NE1 for. Thier colthing and stuff looks awesome. Beside Dara’s hair. We need to fix that. Taeyang called and he wants his sushi rolls back. And didn’t Minzy have her hair dyed and short like that a pretty long time ago? I am talking about the blue or purple short hair. Which reminds me I need a haircut, but anyway. Once again the video was not that entirely great.

I think overall it is safe to say that I did not sit well if the song. Just didn’t feel the 2NE1 feel that I love and like. Such a pity. Come Back Home was pretty good. I was also meant to say this age ago, but the comeback that you guys liked the most out of 2NE1 or SNSD goes to 2NE1. Overwhelming support for this quartet. But still SNSD, you guys had a good comeback as well! 1/10

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