Breathe – Z:EA

Z:EA is finally back with a new song. It has been their first official group promotion since The Ghost Of The Wind last year and also their subunit promotions for Z:EA Five and Z:EA 4U. It seems like some of the members have been quite successful, appearing on multiple programs since then. I have officially run out of things to say about them. I don’t follow them as much as I do with other bands. With some groups, I can do an introduction so much better, but with a band that I do not follow, I just don’t know what to right about them. Pity, because I really liked this song.

This song is pretty cool. I have been disappointed with their past songs and the band does not appeal to me. However, this song is quite different. The pop feel to the song really fits the band quite well. Though I do have complaints with the song, I actually liked it. It is pretty catchy and sounds really nice. My compliant is with the  line distribution. I know some of the members are weak when it comes to vocals and there are members that have quite strong vocals. However, when listening to this song, you can tell that the focus is on the members who have the strong vocals. Basically, in my point of view, those who have weak vocals (such as the rappers) get 1 line, while the main and lead vocalists get the bulk of the song. It is just so evident in this song. I am not going to diss the band for this, but I think some more equality is needed. But needless to say, the rapping was pretty good, however it should have been longer. The instrumental is pretty cool and the chorus is pretty catchy to me. The song, to me, was quite cool.

This music video, has to be very boring. The music video at the start looked quite similar to Beast’s Breathe, which I thought would make the video have some story line. But no, the girl is rescued and then the boys are happy. Like nothing amazing happens. No evil alien queen coming to skill them? No evil robot who destroyed the Earth is alive and trying to kill them? Okay, maybe not that extreme. I get the sense that planet Earth is destroyed and there is no oxygen to live on the planet anymore, but the buys (well mainly Dongjun) ends up going out and rescuing the love of his life, and then we get videos of the guys staring at her creepily when she was on planet earth and watching her sleep. Amazing hey. The video was “set” in “space” and to me, it just seemed like a Lotte World commercial. It looked cheesy and there was nothing appeal to me in this video.

The dance is much better. Though this band is not that great as dancers, I think their dancing has improved since their last two comebacks. To symbolises “breathes” they move their arms in a way to represents “breathes” which looked awesome, and I liked the intro to the whole stage.

Not that great as a comeback when it comes their music video, but the song and dance were quite awesome. 7.5/10

One thought on “Breathe – Z:EA

  1. The resemblence with Beast’s Breath is really striking. However, the music video appears so much more low-budget than Beast’s one which is one of my favourite mvs ever. I was pretty disappointed by the dance, in the chorus especially. Ghost of the Wind was waaay better!


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