Obsession – Boyfriend

Boyfriend is now back with a brand new song and a tougher and masculine image than before. Move away flower boys, because tough men are coming to the stage. Remember when they used to young boys that always did the cutesy concept? Now they are men. Tough looking, scary looking men. Yeah. Anyway, the guys are back with a new mini album after a whole year and a bit disappearance from the stage.   The boys last released I Yah, which they promoted on stage. Then they release On & On which they did not promote and this is their first song since. They have also been releasing many Japanese songs becoming one of the hottest Japanese – Korean artists currently. Anyway, on with the review.

This song is pretty cool. I liked it. It was catchy, the instrumental was pretty cool. The vocals were awesome, though a little more power would have made the song really awesome. The rapping was pretty good. I thought it was going to be another one of those really bad sounding songs so I did not pay attention to them at first, but then I heard the song on one of the kpop shows, and I instantly searched it up and was so surprised. It seems like they know finally how to reel in the fans, by throwing away the cutesy concept and tackling the more dark and serious concept. This song had a lot of power behind it and it made the song sound really good. I don’t think I would complain about the song at all, it was that good and it should just stay that way.

I think I have watched the video before, but I don’t think I paid that much attention to it. From a foreigner’s perspective, those scenes with the really cool octagon library does not really fit the music video. Hell, it does not even match the song at all. Anyway, the boys seem to try to get the girl back, but their plan backfired. Literally. Anyway, so they try to blow the current boyfriend and take the girl with them, which she wants, but unfortunately the current boyfriend holds her captive, with the same bomb that the group placed, and throws her into them, but she ends up dying. Like guys, why did you put the boy in the middle of the room? Why not like somewhere hidden? Another thing, but during those last scenes of the plot, how did the girl and her mysterious boyfriend come in? Cause it seems like they can walk through walls. And last of all, why put a knife in the video, when you know it would be blurred. Overall, I found it quite amusing to watch, but altogether, it was pretty boring.

Out of all the things I am going to say, I would love those light up stools. Not joke. I thought they are a really modern addition to the performance. I liked the dance, though I feel like there were too many people on the stage. I found it really distracting to watch. However, I think the dance was down to a reasonable standard. It matched the amount of power the song had and it looked awesome. I liked the ending and the use of the chairs. It was pretty cool.

7/10. I think this is the first Boyfriend comeback that I have been really fond of since forever. I don’t remember what I gave them last time though, but this probably did top that one.

Last week I asked you which female soloist you all liked. Jung Hyosung claimed the top spot. Congrats. Answer another poll will you? Please? Hahahaha… (It is not Boyfriend related though)

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