Dear Santa – SNSD-TTS

SNSD-TTS has returned with their very first Christmas album. Oh sigh… More songs to remind me that the year is about to end. But anyway, this song is okay. It seems to be a mess to my ears. I was perfectly okay with the track being the ballad. Yeah, would have been a slow song and that does not seem to be TTS’s style, but the start was amazing. However, it just suddenly changed and I am still trying to get used to it. But I can’t even say the song “dropped the beat” or whatever. The rest of the song was just blah to me. I still listen to it, just hoping it will catch on, but at the moment, I cringe when I listen to the song. And then the song attempts to end with a 3 second ballad part at the end, which has me confused. Why would you start off with an amazing ballad sound, change it into a Christmas pop song instantaneously, and the end it as a ballad. I don’t think that formula works that way, and who on earth thought it would work? The vocals are amazing (per usual), but honestly minus their vocals, everything else was a major let down. It just sounds like a complete mismatch. If the two were split up into two different songs, I think that would have been many times better than just the one. And Tiffany’s “Come On” parts. Wow.

The lion returns. He is still rejected by the girls after what happened in Lion Heart, so it was unexpected that he would make a return in this video. But beside the lion, it was an okay video to watch. Loving the start where the girls are in those beautiful red dresses. It matched the ballad feel the song had at the start. Then the girls get transported through a portal (in the form of an invitation) into a more playful world. Hmmm… I don’t know but that just screams desperate to me. Desperate to find some kind of way to put the girls into a fast and upbeat feel. And everything in between was okay. But honestly, them acting cute. I don’t see it in them anymore and they just looked so awkward acting surprised in a cute way. And then the ending where they all share a laugh. It looks so forced. It looked unnatural and looked cringe-worthy.

As for the performance, I have no bad comments. Removing the song, the mime was an excellent way to make the stage more unique and suits the time of the year that they were singing. Somewhat disappointed that they are promoting for such a short amount of time though (1 week. They already finished)

Overall, highly disappointed. If only they decided to cut the song into two, I would have been happy. 2/10

You Think – SNSD

I promised and I delivered. Always. Hahaha.. This is the second song of their comeback for their album. Yesterday, I reviewed Lion Heart. So let’s continue the jam packing year for Girl’s Generation. There is a poll at end for you all, so stick around.

I fall in love with any electro song that SNSD puts out. I was a mega fan-boy when I first heard Mr.Mr and was totally digging Catch Me If You Can. This is amazing. This song is on point. This song is fleek. Yes, yes yes. This song any day over Lion Heart. That is what my opinion is. I would say, you can kill me for my choice, since it seems most of Korea don’t really think You Think is that great, but I just solved a massive maths problem that has troubling me for weeks, so I want to submit it. NERD OUT. But honestly, why isn’t this song at the top of the charts? Okay, maybe the song can use a little tweaking, but so far, what we are presented with is good enough to satisfy me for some time. The instrumental and their high pitch vocals in this song go well and hand in hand with each other. The ad-libs during the chorus were really cool. The rapping is pretty good as well. Not as great as in Lion Heart, but good enough. The one thing about the song that erks me is towards the end. The members just seem to sing over each other. Like during the start and the chorus, there is a member who handles the chorus and then the one who does the ad-libs. But, the ending, there seemed to be like 5 members or so singing at once. And that really got to me. And while it sounds good, I just couldn’t handle it. But beside that, this is a song that is on point.

For the music video, there is something that is missing between this video and Lion Heart. We see posh and mature girls in the Lion Heart video and then we get this sexy video for this song. And it totally fits. But I want to know what made them go for the 180 degree change. Not 360, because you will be at the starting point again. While I love the tunnel/abandoned rail-way scenes and the girls dressed in black, them colourful scenes where the girls just sit around and where long elegant dresses, really don’t fit in with the overall feel of the song. Yeah , they look sexy and all but I don’t really find singing to yourself in a mirror and singing the lyrics “You think you’re so cool?” matching. And it seems like the producer just brought the jewelled car along for looks. There is not need for it. I would have been fine with those scenes of them in black leather and the abandoned rail rail-way. It adds mysterious. It makes me ask “why do you think you’re so cool?”. The lounging around in jewellery does not have that same effect on me.

The dance. Wow. Seohyun’s ummm… leg spreading on the floor. Wow. Ummm… DAMN. Never knew she was so flexible before. I am amazed. As for the rest of the dance, I think they did a pretty good job. They managed to make me go wow. And I am sure it made loads of other people go wow as well.

This particular song. They owned it. From the song to the dance, they were totally on point. Once again, the video was not that great. Well half of it. 8/10

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.

Lion Heart – SNSD

I guess Party time is now over, and Girl’s Generation is back for some serious business. But they must first tame the Lion Heart to be able to continue on their quest. Wow, I am so bad at this pun game. But yes, 2015 seems to be an eventful year for the girls, as they have made their comeback (once again) in a matter of weeks after their Party promotions ended. Earlier in May, they released Catch Me If You Can as a single, Party as a single and now their full album is out with double title tracks. Lion Heart is one, while You Think (review should be out tomorrow) is the other title track.

When I first heard the song, I thought “Oh Boy, another Dancing Queen track”. It is probably the one song that I still absolutely dislike in KPOP. But after a few listens, who would believe this song grew so much on me? Now I look forward to listening to the song every single day. It is a much more classy song for the girls, that really hinder their talents. However it is a style that I think does suit the girls pretty well. It is a very happy and bright song for the group that to me just reminds me of smiles. Their vocals fit the song pretty well, and it seems something that would have came out back in the day. But the chorus, it is pretty cringe worthy. Not that it is bad, it just does not have that same punch as other Girl Generation song. Not going to say it was boring, as the song does go into different tempos throughout the song (that or my ears are playing jokes on me). I felt like the “Oh Oh Oh Oh” parts should have been replaced with something else and the bridge could have been so much better. That small rap part at the end of the song probably was my highlight for the song. If Hyoyeon rapped like that in every other song, I would totally dig it. Great song though, just some bits I am not that fond of.

As for the music video, I am going to say it was boring. I liked nothing about it. Though the girls look like they went through a transformation. I don’t know. Their past songs (and their more recent songs) compared with what they look like this video, kind of didn’t match up. Not saying they looked bad or anything a long the lines of that, but going from Party to the 1930s is a pretty big jump, in my point of view. It was very interesting. But anyway, the pizza at the start looked very nice. I aml hungry now. It just find the whole idea of them falling in love with a lion’s face and human body really odd. Though it fits in with the song and all, but it just really weird and well, out of this world. Their acting in this video is not their best. It felt cliché and really over dramatic. But I guess, for the laughs.

As for the dance, I am impressed. The girls managed to combine sexy and classy very well in this dance. I don’t think anyone expected the chorus, with their leg spreading. I really love how they changed positions throughout the dance as well. As for their costumes and outfits, wow, they make the girls look amazing.

Overall, a pretty nice comeback. Great song and dance. Music video, not so much. 6.5/10. You Think’s review should be out tomorrow.

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.

Party – SNSD

SNSD has finally made their return as the Queens of KPOP with a brand new album. Party is their first title track and was released on the 7th of July. Their second title track will be Check and that has yet to be released, but will come out shortly after their promotions kick off. They previously released Catch Me If You Can back in May as a pre-release for their new album. Not much has happened since then though enough for me to say anything else here. So on with the review.

This song is very boring. Yeah, it has the summer sound to it and it is also quite fresh. But it really does not appeal to me. Neither does it make me want to go back. The song gives off the same feel as Katy Perry’s California Gurls track she released a few years back. But beside that, it is just so boring and really does not reel me in. The vocals were okay. They could have been better. I guess I am not used to the bright sound of SNSD that much. I like songs such as Mr.Mr by SNSD. This just disappoints me. The instrumental alone is pretty good, but the vocals don’t make the song outstanding or anything that I personally expected from the band.

There are two parts of the music video. One I like quite a bit and the other not so much. The part I liked was 70% of the video. And it was those lovely shots captured in Thailand. They look amazing and capture the summer feel very well. Not flak on the bikinis (hmmm…) but it seems like the girls are having fun and I liked it a lot. As for the inside scenes where they dance, wow. It looks so cheap. Let’s just hang up some balloons in a club and make it professional. Well to me, it looks like something that had no budget. And honestly, the outside scenes were very bright and then they just change to the club scene and it is dark. Kind of conflicting and doesn’t really suit each other that well.

The dance was okay. There wasn’t anything flashy about it and I don’t really have much to comment on. If this becomes the more promoted track, then I would expect a more interesting dance, but from what I have heard, Check will become the main title track.

So overall, not feeling the song. Music video was okay, though some parts looked cheap. Dance was okay. I hope Check makes up for the bad points. 4/10

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.


Catch Me If You Can – SNSD

It has been over a year since we heard anything Korean from this band. SNSD has had a rough year, with Jessica, now a former member, announcing that she got kicked out of the band. It is a long story, one I don’t want to type out. So essentially, SNSD is down one member, making them an 8 member group. This is the first major release from the band since the shocking news came to light. And some fans have noticed that Jessica was probably meant to be a part of this new song, with footage of her singing the same notes and words from this song. Anyway, it is such a pity she had to leave.

But a review is a review. And this song is freaking awesome. I totally love this song. From start to end, I just love this EDM track. It is pretty full on from the start to the end. Honestly thought that SNSD would have a little problem with this genre, but now, they seemed to do just fine. A new thing that this song attempts is the changing of tempo or the speed of the song. The song is quite fast paced, but it slows down to those part just before the chorus. Vocally and instrumentally, those were most favourite parts. The vocals of each girl was spot on. Even Hyoyeon got more lines this time. I thought this was a song that did a pretty damn good job of distracting me from the lack of Jessica’s  vocals. I think she has her place in the song somewhere, but the 8 girls pulled it off very well this time around.

As for the music video, glad they moved out of the box. Now, I think it time to move out of that square. I honestly have no clue what is going on with the video. Yes, the song fits the scenery and all that quite well. BUT, why on earth are the girls dancing in a the middle of a mining area or an industrial area? It makes little to no sense. I honestly expected a lot more from the video, considering the latest changes that SM has been making to their artist’s music videos. For a song titled as “Catch Me If You Can” and given the fast pace nature of the song, I thought of running away from something, like EXO Baekhyun’s teaser for Call Me Baby. And those orange jackets… They were more like a hit and miss. Sometimes they do it, sometimes they don’t.

The dance for this song was pretty good. I was very impressed. It matched the speed of the song and also the modern nature of the song. I love the different angles of the choreography. The music video had pretty good camera work, which emphasised a lot of the dance moves.

This song and dance was perfect. I would not change it for the world. That is not the case, however, for the music video. Great sometimes, but didn’t do well the rest. 8.5/10

My question is: Which 2015 Girl’s Generation song that has been released was your favourite? You have 4 options. Choose wisely.

Interesting Note: This song was released in both Korean and Japanese. Promotions would only be focussed on the Japanese version though.

Catch Up Review #3 -T-Ara, Sistar, SNSD-TAETISEO

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Welcome back to part 3 of these catch up reviews… Today’s theme is girl groups!!!! So many girl groups came back while I was away and there are so many songs that must be reviewed. It is going to be a long few weeks.

Sugar Free – T-Ara

The first ever Korean group attempting the EDM genre and I think it was a smashing hit. Yes, I said smashing. You have a problem? I liked everything about this song. The vocals were nice and the song was really catchy. Any time I need a song to get my blood rushing, especially exercising, I basically turn to this song because it makes really want to work out to the beat of the song. The instrumental also became my ringtone. The music video fitted the electronic feel that the song has and I think it was a great video. Just, maybe they went a little overboard regarding the flashing lights. I also like the choreography. It is pretty simple and pretty addictive. All that sugar sprinkling everywhere. 10/10

I Swear – Sistar

This song is not the best song on this list, but it sounded a lot better than Touch My Body. That said, the song was your average KPOP song. There is nothing flashy about this and there really isn’t much once again. Though, now there is another member getting blocked out. Bora, along with Dasom gets only one part. Disappointing sometimes. The music video came a little under fire due their similarities with Red Light by Tiesto.Be the judge for yourself and check both music video’s outThe dance is pretty average as well. A lot of turning, but it suited the song and the actual feel of the song, as it gave off that “end of summer” feel to it.  6/10

Holler – SNSD TaeTiSeo

Opposite end of the spectrum now. SNSD TaeTiSeo made their anticipated return. Many people liked their comeback. I sadly did not. I was very disappointed with the song. it was bland and not that appealing. I tried my best to get into it, just really did not sit well with me. The song to me was a lot like an average KPOP song. Not that grand or anything that I expect from a billion dollar company (I might be wrong with my figures). As for the music video, I watched it once. The start of it was interesting and the rest, long forgotten memory. If anything that basically proved how boring it was. The dance was not that memorable. I pretty much prefered Adrenaline over this song. Adrenaline was a much better song. 0/10

Wow, I am so bummed out from writing that. Just came home from dinner and I am so tired. Hahaha.. Next review theme is: BIG name boy groups!!!! See you next time…

Twinkle – TAETISEO


TAETISEO is the new subunit of Gril’s Generation. Now, I have to be honest but Girl’s Generation lastest song is not that good in my books. Not really a big fan of “The Boys”. But “Twinkle” is something totally different to The Boys. The song is something I would actually find the 9 members to sing, nor did I expect Tiffany, Taeyeon & Seohyun actually sing this song. I actually thought it did not suit the girls style and genre. I must say I am totally wrong. They pulled off the song really well and their vocals in this song is really superb. The whole song was really good. As soon as the video loaded on YouTube, I could not press pause. There is no rap in this song and actually nowadays, I think the rap is overused in most KPOP videos. Some videos have the rapped out of placed or does not even blend in with the colour of the sound.

It is a catchy song and I really enjoyed the start of the song because it was different. It is very hard to find a music video or song that is a standout in the KPOP industry nowadays.

Music Video

Now to be honest, I did like the video however I did not like some parts in this video. Now, at the start, the girls are celebrities and you can tell with the large amount of paparazzi at the door of the theatre. But poor guy who has kind of awkwardly walking around when the group split in the two groups. Also, is he part of EXO. I think he is, since the other guys in the music video were too, part of EXO I really did not like this idea. Seriously, I know SM is trying to promote EXO but seriously, I am actually sick of seeing EXO-K now because of the 35685478956689 teasers and prologue singles. They have been in the spotlight for a bit too long and actually grown tired of them. Their song is good but yeah…

Now, I actually did not notice this, but there are 6 back up dances. Plus the three girls and there is 9 people on stage. Look at Girl’s Generation. 9 people usually on stage with NO back up dancers. Is SM trying to hint something here? I really don’t know, but there was also an article on ALLKPOP which said and I quote “3 is enough?”. If this subunit does stop Girl’s Generation from promoting as a whole group, I will be pissed. Seriously. Beside that and the cute little dog, nothing much will be said.

Live Performance

I actually don’t find anything really good with the music video. There is not much to say abut it anyway. It was not exciting but it was also good.

And The Rating?

7.33333/10. Okay music video and performance. Great song.

Have Fun Listening. Troy 😀

Music Video:

Live Performance: