Happy Together – Park Hyo Shin

Park Hyo Shin, a singer that I personally did not hear about until 2014, has been a success. Earlier in the year, he released his epic single Wild Flower, which got him so much popularity, that literally everyone listens to his music. He debut way back in the day in 2000. He has a few hits, however his song Wild Flower made people around the internet start to pick up his name. Now, he released a single titled as Happy Together.

This is such a happy song. It made me smile when I first heard it. It just sounds so amazing. When I heard Wild Flower, his vocals captivated me so much that I listened to the song continuously. I have never heard such a song like that. Happy Together was a little different. It included his husky voice but sounded a lot more cheerful, especially during the chorus. I also loved the English phrases sprinkled about in the song. It sounds like a song that I would play to my girlfriend. The English phrases added to the overall effect of the song. I believe Lyn was featuring as the back vocals in the song. That added a more cute effect to the song, which to me sounded like little children singing. Still, the song was amazing.

Personally, I have not watched the music video yet. So everything I type now are my first impressions. The English translations of the actual lyrics mention “a young boy who had a dream that resembled the blue sky”. The music video did just that. They took a boy and made the whole story around the sky. Kid was so cute when he got ready to go out. I just loved the bedroom set. It seemed authentic and quite real to my eyes. His so cute acting all mature. The mug attached to his bag reminds me of the silver mug that people would bring with them when they go camping or hiking. Beautiful music video overall and really well filmed.

I have to admit. This was a wonderful comeback song and I will always be listening to this song to remind myself about the happy times. And so should you. 10/10

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