Drama – Nine Muses

After a whole year of not being on stage, fans of Nine Muses are probably asking where the heck the girls are at. However, news broke out that they would be making their comeback in January 2015, a year since their last single as a group. In the past year since we have not seen them, members Lee Sem, Eunji and Sera left the band since their contracts had expired.  It was later announced this year that Sojin and Keumjo would be added to the group to make up the places that the other members have left behind. This brings the group from 9 members to 8 members. Sojin and Kyungri, along with Kevin from Z:Ea. formed the subunit Nasty Nasty, with their song Knock.

Like everyone is saying online. Drama is 100% Dolls 2.0. It sounds similar and it gives off the same feel as Dolls did when it was first released. It had that femme fatale feel to it as well. Not sure about the sudden start where the song just launched into the rapping. Parts of me are like “that’s cool and different” while another part of me is like “it sounds weird now”. The vocals are really good. The chorus seems to lack the right appeal for me. It is okay, just like the start just seemed to be too sudden, which in turn made the rest of the song sound like it was quite sudden as well. So do you understand what I mean? Hahaha… I love the parts after the chorus. The “only you” part is pretty catchy.

The music video is okay. It seems quite generic. It is like we were transported back in time to the 60s with a lot of modern influence. The Marilyn Monroe flying skirt was quite nice. I have to admit, Sojin looks quite cute doing that pose. Beside that, it seems like the girls are waiting for their boyfriends. Or something? I don’t really know much about this video. I am watching it at the moment, just don’t understand a single thing. I did like the dance set with dark silhouettes. The flashing lights (even though I call them a distraction from time to time) fitted in this concept quite well. And can someone tell me where I can get that big tub of popcorn? I need it to watch movies. Popcorn always finishes before I get to the half way point of the movies.

The dance was pretty nice. For the chorus, I don’t know why, but I always picture the Dolls dance. It fits in really well with the song. I like how they become adaptable with the scarf, necklace or suspenders depending on their costume choice.

Overall, it was a nice comeback. Maybe not as great as their previous hits. However it did what it did. It got Nine Muses back on the stage and I guess fans shall be thankful for that. 6.1/10

6 thoughts on “Drama – Nine Muses

  1. 8.5/10 The Rap was the best part, the beat was killer part 70’s/80’s/Circus

    Although, the song could’ve gone 30 more seconds but felt like a teaser almost.

    Reminded me of Sistar’s “Alone” 10/10.



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